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  • This week's episode takes us to... Hawaii and England HAWAII Hawaii is the only state that grows coffee. Hawaii was the 50th state admitted to the union on August 20th, 1959. ENGLAND The original London Bridge was disassembled and is now in Arizona! London, England burnt down due to a mattress fire! The largest prehistoric monument in England is not Stonehenge but the Avebury Circles nearby.

  • This week's episode takes us to... Paris Paris is known as the ‘City of Lights.' The subway system in Paris is called ‘The Metro.' Euro Disney is located in Paris. The contractor of the Eiffel Tower was Gustave Eiffel. The Eiffel Tower was built in 1889.

  • This week's episode takes us to... Rome In ancient Rome, auburn-haired puppies were sacrificed to ensure a plentiful corn crop. Rome has more homeless cats per square mile than any other city in the world. The cat was the symbol of liberty in ancient Rome. The first city to reach a population of 1 million people was Rome, Italy in 133 B.C. The proper name of the Coliseum is not the Coliseum. It is the Flavian Ampitheatre.

  • This episode was intended to be the series premiere.

  • When music of all kinds is mysteriously replaced by the driving techno-beat of songs from the egotistical music mogul, Capital D, Mary-Kate and Ashley must go undercover as hot new deejays to shut down CD's evil plan to control all the music in the world.

  • This week's episode takes us to... The Bermuda Triangle The Bermuda Triangle is an area of the Caribbean Sea in which many ships and plans are though to have mysteriously disappeared. The Bermuda Triangle is also referred to as the Devil's Triangle. The points of the Triangle are recognized as Bermuda, Miami and San Juan, Puerto Rico. The first time this region was referred to as the Bermuda Triangle was in February, 1964. The Gulf Stream is thought to be the blame for the majority of the disappearances

  • This week's episode takes us to... Germany The country of Germany is about as big as the state of Montana. Germany was separated into two sections, East Germany and West Germany, they were unified in 1990. Germany is bordered by Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland and Switzerland. The population of Germany is approximately 83,029,536. The long form name for Germany is the Federal Republic of Germany.

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  • When the twins introduce themselves to the kidnapped Butterfly Girls, they use their code names, Misty and Amber, but when the band asks the girls to join them on stage and ask if they play any instruments, Ashley says, "Mary-Kate is a very good drummer." Shouldn't she have said Misty, or did she just blow their cover?