Abyssinia, Henry

Season 3, Ep 24, Aired 3/18/75
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  • Episode Description
  • Henry finally gets his discharge. While he is tying things up, Burns prepares for his new command. Henry bids a tearful adieu, but not before Klinger turns up in an outrageous tropical outfit, and gets Henry to zip him up, and he gets to kiss Margaret. He gives Radar a hug and his last order, and departs by helicopter. In the traumatic and shocking last scene, a devastated Radar announces that Henry has been killed when his plane was shot down over the Sea of Japan.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Everett Greenbaum

  • James Fritzell

  • Larry Gelbart

  • Kimiko Hiroshige

    Korean Woman

  • Virginia Lee


  • Fan Reviews (10)
  • Too bad no spinoff

    By noman, Oct 03, 2013

  • In truth THE comedy ep of a decade, quite possibly the century!

    By tek_tuk, May 22, 2006

  • This is what transformed M*A*S*H from a simple comedy show into a dramatic piece of television history.

    By Etrigan_21, Dec 15, 2007

  • If you only watch a single episode of this series, watch this one.

    By KaleeyJ, Dec 13, 2007

  • Maybe the best episode of the entire series!

    By maritimer00, Aug 16, 2005

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (8)

    • Henry: Trap, thanks for the outfit. It's really dressy. Trapper: Henry, that, uh, that suit is really you. Hawkeye: If you're Adolphe Menjou.

    • Henry: (after hanging up on his wife) Sweet Lo-rraine! Radar: (whispering to Hawkeye) She has a fantastic body!

    • Trapper (to Henry): Remember the time that Father Mulcahy caught you in your tent with that lady war correspondent? (Trapper, Henry, Radar and Hawkeye laugh hysterically) Hawkeye (to Henry): You said you were giving an interview on the importance of clean underwear!

    • Hawkeye: Stand up straight. Trapper: I'm standing straight. The country's crooked.

    • Henry: (to Radar) You behave yourself or I'm gonna come back and kick your butt!

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    Notes (12)

    • In 2008, The Emmys Academy chose the most memorable comedy TV moments. The announcement of Henry Blake's death was in the top 5.

    • For the first time, Frank actually shows that he has a human side. He cried when he heard Henry had been killed despite all the arguments and hostilities they had.

    • The night after this episode aired, on Carol Burnett's show, McLean Stevenson made a guest appearance; he was on a row boat, in the middle of the "ocean", claiming that he was alive and survived the crash.

    • M*A*S*H received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series at the 1975 Emmy Awards. In addition, Alan Alda received an Emmys nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. Also Gary Burghoff and McLean Stevenson received a nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series and Loretta Swit received a nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

    • The ending to this episode was parodied on Family Guy.

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    Trivia (4)

    • Goof: "Henry say that Korea is 1 day and 14 hours ahead of USA. Radar correct him by saying that its USA that is 1 day and 14 hours ahead." Because of the time zones North America can never be ahead of Asia.

    • When Henry swept Margaret into an embrace, she put her right hand behind her head (holding her hat) and her left hand on Henry's shoulder. When the camera angle switched to a back view, we see her hands reversed. When the camera switched back, her hands were in the original position.

    • The term 'Abyssinia' is a slang term meaning 'I'll be seeing you', so the title literally means "I'll be seeing you, Henry."

    • There was indeed a point system in Korea. Rotation points were earned by both enlisted men and officers. In September of 1951, an officer would need 55 points to be rotated stateside. Since Henry Blake was an officer serving in a frontline unit, (as opposed to rear echelon) he would have earned 4 points a month. It would have taken him 1 year, and 1 month to be rotated home. The goof here may just be the dodgy timeline.

    Allusions (1)

    • Hawkeye compares Henry to Adolphe Menjou, who was an American actor. His career is notable for his appearance first in silent films and later crossing over into talkies. He received an Academy Award nomination for his appearance in The Front Page in 1931. Adolphe Menjou was born February 18, 1890 and died October 29, 1963.

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