Highway to Terror

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Quotes (6)

  • Captain Miller: Excuse me sir, i'm Captain Miller. Your blocking a military convoy. Miles Mayhem: Oh i am, am i? Well you see.. im a magician, and i'm here to entertain your troops.

  • Matt Trakker: If i were to make an educated guess, VENOM stole the plutonium for the earthquake device nuclear water-pump. Dusty Hayes: Which means they can cause earthquakes, right? Hondo Maclean: Yeah, that's why they're trying to get that computer box. Matt Trakker: If VENOM got a hold of it, they'd be able to direct earthquakes to large cities, to bring attention to themselves as a world power. If they want it so desperately, why don't we let them have it? (Grins slyly)

  • Sly Rax: Nothing like a good earthquake to scare people away!

  • Bruce Sato: An illusion is little more than a theft from the eye. Buddy Hawks: What in thunder is he talking about? Matt Trakker: He's saying, Buddy, the hand is quicker than the eye.

  • Brad Turner: Peaceful as a summer cloud. Matt Trakker: Peaceful maybe, Brad. But 8 tons of truck doesn't disappear into thin air.

  • Matt Trakker: Hmm, said they were magicians, did they? That's amusing, the only tricks they know are dirty ones.

Notes (2)

  • V.E.N.O.M. Agents: Mayhem, Rax, Dagger, Vanessa (no Manta).

  • M.A.S.K. Agents: Matt (Rhino), Bruce, Alex, Hondo, Brad, Buddy, Dusty, Gloria (co-pilot Gator).