The Ultimate Weapon

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (6)

  • (Rax and Dagger await the roof of the reactor's building being cut open by Switchblade's lasers) Sly Rax: Like cutting through a piece of cake! Cliff Dagger: And it's my favourite flavour, plutonium!

  • Alex Sector: Mayhem found a way to neutralise our neutraliser's, very unsporting of him i must say!

  • (Rax and Dagger drive straight past the out of control MASK vehicles, Rax tuts and wags his finger) Sly Rax: Such terrible drivers! Cliff Dagger: Yeah, law-abiding people aren't even safe in a parking lot anymore!

  • Alex Sector: (Trying to regain control of Rhino) This is bloody weird!

  • Alex Sector: I say, the battering ram should plough through those bloke's! (Rhino's battering ram activates, but suddenly retracts) Alex Sector: Hello! The battering ram's stalled! Brad Turner: My belly cannons aren't working either! Gloria Baker: The power-strobe won't deploy! Buddy Hawks: My hypno-headlights fizzled, what gives?

  • (Jackhammer fires on the roof of a cinema) Dagger: (Laughs) I always did wanna break into the movies!

Notes (2)

  • V.E.N.O.M. Agents: Mayhem, Rax, Dagger.

  • M.A.S.K. Agents: Matt, Alex, Brad, Buddy (Firecracker), Gloria.