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  • FOX serves up a food competition series with Gordon Ramsay at the helm. Think American Idol in the kitchen.

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  • S 11 : Ep 13


    Aired 4/23/15

  • S 11 : Ep 12


    Aired 4/22/15

  • S 11 : Ep 11


    Aired 4/20/15

  • S 11 : Ep 10


    Aired 4/17/15

  • S 11 : Ep 9


    Aired 4/15/15

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  • Gordon Ramsay

  • Graham Elliot Bowles


  • Joe Bastianich


  • Eddie Jackson (IV)

    Contestant - Season 4

  • Joshua Marks

    Contestant - Season 3

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    • Gordon : Cook the dish of your life. Show us why you're here.
      Joe : I don't care if your roommate tells you you're a good cook, your kids, your mom, we're gonna tell you how it really is.
      Gordon : That has to be the most disgusting soup I've ever tasted in my entire life....definitely no.
      Gordon :Continue dating chefs cause you're never gonna be one.
      David : Some people call me cocky, I prefer over-confident.
      Avis : Once we put it all together, make your tongue slap your brain out.

    • Gordon : Where's the lobster meat? You know the claw is not the most delicious part of the lobster, right?
      Joe : You're young, you're good, you're sweet. They're gonna eat you alive and spit you out.
      Gordon : The plantain is disgusting, the steak is like a dog's dinner, I am not gonna argue with you, three no's, you've got no chance.

    • Joe : If you can't cut an onion, you have no business being in the kitchen.
      Joe : Anyone can cook a three minute egg, a MasterChef is defined by what they do with the other 27 minutes.
      Gordon : It's seasoned beautifully, however when you put food on a plate that old fashioned, it really does let that dish down. We're in 2010.
      Graham : I'm sorry, I need all three of you to untie your aprons....and retie them even tighter!

    • Joe : Chocolate is the devil in the box. It'll tempt you and take you down the wrong path.
      Gordon : Ok, first off, my scariest dish: Jenna's. She's doing a sandwich, you do a sandwich with leftover pork. Graham : Yeah I heard her say she's doing a 'ham' sandwich, but there's no ham anywhere in there, just because it's pork, it's not ham.
      Faruq : Watch out, watch out, cuz Whitney's coming!

    • Sharone : I'm a 28 year old man, and this is the first cupcake I've ever baked.
      Cat Cora : I've made this dish at least a thousand times.
      Graham : Nothing says 'America' like a hamburger, you've probably had 100 in your lifetime, I probably had 50 last week, I guarantee these truckers have had more.

    • Joe : Fusion equals confusion sometimes.
      Sharone : The citrus will be in the apple reduction with the ginger, make sure you incorporate that in there too. Gordon : I love the fact that you're now telling me how to eat, I'm 43, I know how to eat properly. Should I put a bib on?

    • Gordon : If we're on a date, and you cooked that dish for me, I'd go to the bathroom, and you'd never see me again. I'd bolt out the door.

    • Sharone : I tried to make it look like a walk through the woods. Graham Elliot Bowles : It looks like a walk through a crime scene.

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    • Original International Air Dates: Canada: July 27, 2010 on CTV

    • Original International Air Dates: Canada: August 3, 2010 on CTV

    • Original International Air Dates: Canada: August 10, 2010 on CTV

    • All the extra food that is not used on the show is donated to the Angel Harvest Food Bank in Los Angeles, California.

    • 2-hour episode

    • Original International Air Dates: Canada: August 18, 2010 on CTV

    • All the extra food that is not used on the show is donated to the Angel Harvest Food Bank in Los Angeles, California.

    • During the Cupcake challenge, a basic cake and frosting recipe was provided for the chefs in their mystery box.

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    • Gordon : Avis looks like she's panicking, big trouble in little China!
      Gordon Ramsey observes Avis having trouble cooking a Chinese dish, referencing a movie directed by John Carpenter in 1986, Big Trouble in Little China , starring Kurt Russell.

    • Joe Bastianich : Looks like Salvadore Dali on crack.
      Salvador Dali was a surrealist painter, well known for his imaginary and bizarre images in his paintings.

    • Graham : It's like the culinary Civil War, North versus South.
      The American Civil War, (1861-1865), was fought between the Northern and Southern states. The North's victory meant the end of slavery.

    • Joe : Let's hope your shipwreck is not your Titanic .
      The Titanic was a doomed ship that struck an iceberg on her maiden voyage from England to New York. It sank on April 15, 1912, and resulted in the deaths of over 1,500 people. One of the deadliest accidents of all time.

    • Gordon : It's Hugh Hefner's breakfast!
      Hugh Hefner launched Playboy , and is a successful businessman who is known to surround himself with many beautiful women.

    • Gordon : Gladys, the X Factor is coming this fall, you're on the wrong show.
      Gladys begins to sing during the plating of her dish to the panel of judges. The X Factor is a show that showcases people's singing abilities in front of a panel of judges. It premieres Fall 2011 on FOX.

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