Jerry Was a Man

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    Lacks virtue

    By AvatarBlue, Oct 22, 2008

    I could probably repeat what I said about the "A Clean Escape" episode here. However, this particular episode is alot worse.

    This is an episode primarily devoted to the vitures [or lack thereof] of man. Set in a future full of robotics and agonizingly rich people who live the life of luxury w/o any appreciation of "true" human viture. It does convey its premise very well and provides a fairly logicial and slightly satisfying ending, but overall the episode was a disappointment.

    Predominately the screenplay has been designed to showcase human vanity to the extreme. It touches upon egocentricity, arrogance, self-absorption and briefly dips its toe into the murky pool of what is the definition of sentience.

    Alas, despite the cast the screenplay lacks any action or for that matter drama. The cornerstone of the entire plot - the 'Jerry' character apart from initially being funny just descend into a repetitive droning that will morph your desire into impatience for the story to be told. Acting is fine and the sets are amiable. They do combine well for the setting, but unfortunately without a pulsating plot to drive this story, I was left feeling that Id just wasted the hour.

    Only the ending provides a scene worthy of spending any time on this, which in no way validates any effort I spent watching this episode.

    If you never watch, you havent missed anything.moreless

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    In 2077, an anthropoid, a Mine Sweeper Joe, scheduled for termination, is saved temporarily by the seventh richest woman in the world, to be a pet for her and her husband.

    By grinbear, Aug 19, 2007

    'Jerry Was a Man' tells the story of the enlightenment of dull beings. And the 'Joe' named Jerry learned a little, as well. In the future, science, law, and the folly of the sickeningly rich will know no bounds. For those who grew up with Robert Heinlein's future history stories, this is classic Heinlein. For newer fans the story fits well into today's self indulgent style of spoiled heirs that populate TV and movies. But in the end, it has nothing to do with the grand intellect that created Jerry, nor the grandiose ego that saved him. It comes down to the definition of 'human'. The legal proof offered may be a surprise to some, but not those familiar with Heinlein, one of the true Masters of SciFi.moreless

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