Match Game '73

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Quotes (4)

  • (1st question - "The sexiest thing a woman can wear is BLANK". So far, 3 of the panelists answered with NOTHING) Richard Dawson: (to Jo-Ann Pflug) Do you have nude pictures of yourself? Jo-Ann Pflug: No. Richard Dawson: Would you like to buy some?

  • GENE: You're all invited to Betty White's divorce!

  • Gene: (to an audience member) I told ya to go before ya left the house!

  • Brett: (about Charles) First victim of school riot! Man with shirt inside-out found on school steps!

Notes (293)

  • Michael Landon had appeared as a celebrity guest on the original 1960s version of 'Match Game'.

  • Goodson-Todman wanted Jack Klugman so badly for the first week that they agreed to have his then-wife on as a celebrity panelist. Her name: Brett Somers.

  • Each Broadcast of MATCH GAME 73 has been the weekday system for the 1st Weekday Show from June 25 to June 29, 1973 and finally repeated on July 2-6, 1973 for the real debut as the 2nd Weekday Show on CBS-TV.

  • Each episode is consisted of the week that each of the star panelists appeared on the show since Match Game was a daily show.

  • The Broadcasts of July 9-13, 1973.

  • Charles Nelson Reilly, Brett Somers and Betty White make their first Match Game appearences this week.

  • The Broadcasts of July 23-27, 1973.

  • The Broadcast of July 30-August 3, 1973.

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Trivia (8)

  • This week's episodes were not taped in 'Match Game's' usual studio (where 'The Carol Burnett Show' and 'The Price is Right' were taped.) Notice that the stage is gone and the audience is in bleachers.

  • This is the week where Gene Rayburn made a slip of the lip, referring to Kaen Lesko's dimples & came out nipples! ┬áThe audience & panel roared, but the CBS censors removed that blooper.

  • Charles is sitting in the first seat on the upper tier, not his traditional third seat position.

  • The October 31st episode was a classic bad day for Charles Neslon Reilly. Mark Goodson sits in for a late Charles on the first question. After some prodding, Gene reveals that Charles is having his "hair nailed on". When Charles arrives, Gene goes on and on about how lovely his hair looks. Then there's a question about who Charles is dressing up as for Halloween. Charles and the contestant match on "Brett".

  • In the April 18th, 1975, ""Match Game '75" episode, Which television show does Lynda Day George mostly appear in or co-star in?

  • One of the episodes this week, Gene mentioned the show being picked up in Germany and that they didn't have a word for "blank" in Germany, so they use "sniksnak" instead. For the rest of the episode, he uses "sniksnak" in place of "blank" and for much of the episode, Gene and the rest of the stars talk with fake German accents.

  • During some of the question rounds this week, they play different music, and sometimes Gene dances to the music while the stars are writing their answers.

  • The Friday show features a classic Match Game moment: Gene announces that Brett and Charles are leaving the show to go on tour singing country music with Bill Anderson. The two regulars are wearing western hats and answering all their questions in phoney country accents. The show ends with Bill on guitar singing a tune he wrote for Debralee, accompanied badly by Charles and Brett.