Match Game 90/91

ABC (ended 1991)
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  • S 1 : Ep 30

    Episode 30

    Aired 8/24/90

  • S 1 : Ep 29

    Episode 29

    Aired 8/23/90

  • S 1 : Ep 28

    Episode 28

    Aired 8/22/90

  • S 1 : Ep 27

    Episode 27

    Aired 8/21/90

  • S 1 : Ep 26

    Episode 26

    Aired 8/20/90

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  • Edie McClurg

    Regular Panelist

  • Brad Garrett (I)

    Regular Panelist

  • Charles Nelson Reilly

    Most Regular Panelist

  • Vicki Lawrence

    Regular Panelist

  • Marcia Wallace

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  • show Description
  • After runs on NBC and CBS, Match Game won the Triple Crown by choosing ABC to air this fourth incarnation. Match Game had the unenviable time slot of 12:00 noon Eastern time, the slot that had been Richard Dawson's domain on Family Feud for nine years. The Match Game concept was still the same. This time Ross Shafer was the host reading offbeat stand-up lines that had a blank near the end. Six celebrities would submit their responses, and it was up to contestants to match the celebrities. (Bert Convy had originally been selected to host and had filmed some pilot episodes before being diagnosed with a brain tumor which later took his life.) What differed this time around was that matches were worth money, so all celebrities participated in every question. Two rounds of two questions each were played, as usual, but after each basic round came the "Match-Up" round, in which money piled up a few seconds. A contestant would select a celebrity. Ross Shafer would give the celebrity a phrase with a blank and two possible fill-ins. If the contestant correctly guessed the celebrity's quick-thinking response, in raked the money ($50 1st round/$100 2nd round). The "Super Match" end game played the same as it had since 1978 (a more thorough description of the Super Match can be found on the page devoted to Match Game 73. BTW, the Match Game 73 page needs to re-establish its picture.) Charles Nelson Reilly was the sole fixture in the ABC Match Game. Brett Sommers, a frequent partner on the top row of the CBS incarnation, dropped by for selected weeks. Granted, ABC did as much to hinder the return of Match Game as they did to help get it going. One has to remember that this series got started at about the same time the United States found its newest archenemy in the country of Iraq. (That also precipitated an all- Armed Forces week on Match Game.) When the war did come, ABC lived up to its long-standing reputation of junking their entire schedule for broadcasting Operation Desert Storm. For all intents and purposes, Match Game never recovered from the loss. In June 1991, ABC reran three weeks of Match Game shows successfully broadcast, rather than recompense the casualties of the war. But the greatest insult of all came from an ABC neighbor. The network purged Match Game to allow its Home show to expand from 60 minutes to 90. It was an inexplicable move, as most ABC affiliates ran their local news at noon. Soon thereafter, ABC would relinquish responsibility for the noon time slot entirely to its affiliates. .moreless

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    • Kelly wins $5,000 in the super match.

    • One of the questions is about the MGM lion.

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