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  • S 9 : Ep 15

    The Scam

    Aired 5/7/95

  • S 9 : Ep 14

    The Heist

    Aired 4/27/95

  • S 9 : Ep 13

    The Assault

    Aired 2/16/95

  • S 9 : Ep 12

    The Target

    Aired 2/9/95

  • S 9 : Ep 11

    The Deadly Dose

    Aired 2/2/95

  • Cast & Crew
  • Andy Griffith

    Benjamin Leighton Matlock

  • Linda Purl

    Charlene Matlock

  • Kene Holliday

    Tyler Hudson

  • Nancy Stafford

    Michelle Thomas

  • Julie Sommars

    A.D.A. Julie March

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  • show Description
  • Andy Griffith is back, playing widower Benjamin Leighton Matlock, a popular, folksy attorney who is worth all of his $100,000 per case fee. He has the knack of solving and winning most of his cases. In addition to proving his client's innocence, he usually unmasks the murderer at the end of each episode (similar to Perry Mason)..Ben wears his signature light gray suit and drives three generations of his Ford Crown Victoria. He owns his law firm, where he shares his cases with his partners - his associates, daughter Charlene and investigator Tyler Hudson. In Season 2, Charlene leaves and is replaced by Michelle Thomas, a young, attractive associate who had tried her hand at baseball after majoring in Physical Education. She met Ben on his trip to England. Feisty, redheaded A.D.A. Julie March, who left Nebraska to work for the D.A.'s office appears once in Season 1, intermittently in Season 2 and joins the cast full time for Seasons 3-6. Tyler Hudson leaves the cast at the start of Season 4 and is replaced by Conrad McMasters, a former sheriff's deputy Ben hires to be his investigator..Michelle and Conrad both leave at the end Season 6 and are replaced by Ben's older daughter, Leanne MacIntyre, and recent law school graduate, Cliff Lewis, son of Ben's nemesis Billy Lewis. Investigator Jerri Stone joins the team for Season 9, replacing Leanne..Broadcast History:Seasons 1-6 on NBC: September 1986 - May 1992Seasons 1-5 on Tuesdays and Season 6 on FridaysSeasons 7-9 on ABC: November 1992 - May 1995 on Thursdays.moreless

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  • Quotes (24)

    • Matlock: (to his daughter, Charlene) Stay away from lawyers. They have ethics, but no morals.

    • (Under his breath to Steve Emerson) Matlock: They call it selecting a jury. You don't select a jury. You kick off the ones you really don't want and what's left is the jury.

    • Ben Matlock (to DA Burgess about the poisoned eggs): Lloyd, I wouldn't make an omelette with those.

    • (To Whitney Seever on the witness stand) Matlock: Randall Brooks took some pictures of you that you wouldn't want your daddy to see, and he was blackmailing you, wasn't he?

    • Matlock: Ken Wilson has just been arrested for killing his wife. Les: (does a double take) Again?

    • (Questioning Tony Morgen while on the witness stand) Matlock: Money means a lot to you, doesn't it? Having it, possessing it, holding it, buying things with it, showing it -- makes you feel important, doesn't it? Tony Morgen: I don't see you turning your nose up at money. Matlock: No, no, I like money. Money is pretty. It's green, it's got numbers on it -- some of them go way on up yonder.

    • Julie March: Do you know anyone that might want to kill Cynthia? Joanna Morrell: The line forms to the right and extends to Alaska.

    • (Conrad auditions as a bartender) Carlos: The problem is, my friend, that my customers order drinks you've probably never heard of. Conrad: Try me. Carlos: A Zombie, a perfect Rob Roy, and a Suffering Bastard. Conrad: Comin' up.

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    • Additional Credits
      Opticals by: Howard Anderson Company
      Re-Recording and Soud Effects Editorial by: Glen Glenn Sound
      Titles by: Pacific Title
      Air Transportation Furnished by: Eastern Air Lines, Inc.
      Color by: Deluxe

    • Lori Lethin only appears as Charlene in the pilot movie. In the series, she is replaced by Linda Purl.

    • Additional Credit
      Re-Recording by: International Recording

    • Additional Credits
      Re-Recording by: Todd-AO/Glen Glenn
      Titles by: Pacific Title

    • Richard Newton is well known in the recurring role of Richard Cooksey, but in this episode, the judge he plays is named Alvin Roundtree.

    • Additional Credit
      Re-Recording by: Todd-AO/Glen Glenn

    • Additional Credit
      Re-Recording by: Todd-AO/Glen Glenn

    • Nancy Stafford had a guest appearance in this episode. She would go on to play Michelle Thomas beginning in season two.

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    Trivia (26)

    • The licence plate number on Carter Addison's car is PWV 180.

    • When Charlene is sneaking a peek at the sale contract for the football team, 'thirty-five million' is misspelled as 'thiry-five million'.

    • This episode is referenced in 'The Kidnapper' years later when Julia McCullough returns to the scene.

    • Kari Lizer, who guest starred as Margaret 'Angel' Danello in this episode, would return to star as Ben's secretary Cassie Phillips for Season 2.

    • Although he's clean-shaven in later years, David Froman sports a mustache and a very black beard in this episode.

    • The date that the victim was murdered was 2nd February 1987.

    • When Matlock invites Michelle to come back to the States and work for him as a junior partner in his law office, he explains that his daughter Charlene had left to join a law firm in Philadelphia.

    • When Matlock invites Michelle to come back to the States and work for him as a junior partner in his law office, he explains that his daughter Charlene had left to join a law firm in Philadelphia.

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    Allusions (1)

    • (To Steve Emerson and Harvey Ravenel) Matlock: Help yourself to some peanuts. I got them in barter from a client down in Plains. It's not who you think. The most famous resident of Plains, Georgia is Jimmy Carter, the 39th United States president (1977-1981).

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