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    By ScampTVCritic, Jul 17, 2014

    Little Bear is not just for young children, but it is a show that is just about for anyone. The show is about 20 years old, and it still feels like it's so new and interesting. This might be my favorite cartoon show ever. I watched this show when I was five or six, and watching it again, nearing 20 years of age, I almost cried when I watched the theme song on YouTube. This show does not shove lessons into your face like most of the preschool-oriented programming of nowadays. Little Bear is a much simpler show that relies on simple, to-the-point storytelling in order for the viewers to sympathize with what is going on, and to learn valuable lessons. Even the film that was made in 2001 is just as awesome (albeit extremely faithful) as the show. I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend this show for anyone to watch, whether you're 2 years old or you're 100 years old.


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    By xxxxxxxxx, Mar 03, 2013


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  • 8.0

    One of Nick jr's Finest shows on the 1990's made by Nelvana. Much better then Franklin and Rupert.

    By BlueMario1016, May 04, 2012

    My 59th review after: Rupert

    This is one of Nelvana's most finest shows I have ever seen in my life. It's very cute and Charming and it's a Classic. Originally Based on the books eariler, and This cartoon sets place around in the Late 1800's Early 1900's, I think. It's about a Brown bear named Little Bear. But what kind of name is THAT?! If he grown, They would STILL call him Little bear?!?! crazy!!! There are also common Animal chracther names bascilly there are his friends all but 2 of his friends of his which one is a Girl and she has a Common Human name like Pam, Jill, Nancy, Her name is Emily, she ,ives with her Grandmother and her dog, Tutu. He has animal friends like: Cat, (does he have an owner and lives with someone? Is he like an Orphan Cat?) Duck, Hen, Owl, and the second one is animal which is a Monkey named Mitzi. *Buzzer sound* That sound means it's time for me to give this here show a Grade. I'll give this show, *Drumroll* An B! That's right. I'm gonna give it a B. Here the results:

    Voice-acting: B+ 8.5/10.0 Terrfic Voice-acting. It should win an Emmy Award.

    Animation: B 7.0/10.0 Cute, Colorful, but a little dirty and Charming.

    Graphics: C 6.0/10.0 Average. Sound: D+ 4.9/10.0 The music's good but the Sound effects are very Annoying.

    Dialouge: A 9.0/10.0 "Umm... Interesting." That cracks me the *beep* Up.

    Eductional Value: A++ 10.0/10.0 PERFECT!!!!!!

    Lasting Appeal: A+ 9.5/10.0 Superb.

    Overall: B 8.0/10.0 One of Nelvana's Finest. They have to bring it back and make new epiosdes on Noggin. One of Nick jr's Cancelled Gems.moreless

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    I pretty much Don't like this show.

    By woahwoah678, Nov 09, 2011

    This little bear does stuff with his friends that's a cat,a duck,a owl,a chicken and a girl name Emily.This show is not terrible,it's just that I don't like it.I mean,I've seen it sometimes at 12:00 and it comes on right before I go to bed.Well,I don't do that anymore and I say this show looks a lot like Franklin.I mean,Little Bear is Franklin.I don't know about that but might I say that this show is not that horrible on Noggin.The only shows that are terrible on Noggin is Oobi,Wow Wow Wubbzy,The Upside Down Show,and Ni-ho Kilan and those are the shows that are really terrible on Noggin.moreless

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    I love this show. It was the best show in my childhood.

    By Diddy_2000, Aug 30, 2011

    Ah there are many crappy little tv shows now. Little Bear was my fav. as a kid and not only did a love it as kid but i love it now. I liked Dora back then but I hate it now. So that just prooves how wonderful Little Bear. Little Bear can entertain every member of the family :) The plots sound very dumb and boring but when u watch them Nelvana uses there magic on them and makes them enjoyable! I just love how it also had ghosts and goblins it! It is so amazing! Now watching Nick Jr. it is so crappy. Although I cant be the judge on how good it is because I am not kid I know they dont have the magic little bear does.moreless

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    Little Bear was a delightful program about a bear and his friends in the forest but has gotten horrible read to find out why.

    By bugsy29, Aug 22, 2011

    First of all I liked little bear sooooooooooooooo much from the day it premired on Nickelodeon. But after the episode with the Thunder Monster, in my opinion the final classical episodeof Little Bear. I stopped watching. Duck Soup and all following episodes were awful! ! ! Little Bear was my favorite show from 1995-1997. Since then I lost Interest. I'd watch it when I was bored, however,

    I'd have to be veeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy bored.

    After I heard of Little Bear ending production in 1998,

    I thought yahoooooooooo!. I watched what was to be the final episode. Only to see it return for a 1999-2000 season. The point is it lost all plot and the fin that drew me in. And now I plain don't watch it anymore.moreless

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  • 7.0

    Little Bear is good show for kids.

    By tdickensheets, Jan 06, 2010

    I like Little Bear. It's good cartoon. I like the cat, owl. I didn't read the book in the same name of the cartoon. I like too see if the cartoon is the same the book. I got the The Little Bear Movie on DVD. I like see little bear. There's cat, owl, duck, hen, no feet, frog.

    Father bear, Mother bear, Little bear.

    Grandfather bear, Grandmother bear.

    Little Bear called the snake no feet.

    The reruns is on PBS Sprout.

    Little Bear meet Brother Bear.

    Father Bear is fisher bear.

    Mother Bear keeps the house cleen.

    Little Bear just want to play.

    I wonder they did the three bears story?moreless

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  • 8.5

    One of the best Nelvana shows...

    By webizoid345, Mar 25, 2009

    omg i luv the show!not like its my absolute fav but one of them.It's about a bear [Kristen Fairlie] who discovers the world around him/her with the help of his friends.Wendy,Cat,Hen,Duck,No feet and more!Why did they stop airing the show?!?!It's not fair!By the way Kristen Fairlie is Bridgdette on TDI!I think they should bring it back because it helps you understand things a WHOLE lot better[for a toddler or a youngster].I give it an A+!Now all they show are stinkin repeats!I have an episode idea:

    Little Bear goes to Kindergarten or something.So in conclusion little bear rocks and the creators should bring it back!moreless

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  • 8.6

    One of my childhood favorites.

    By Dirk4MVP, Dec 20, 2007

    This was probably one of my top five favorite shows on Noggin to watch when I was a little kid, behind some like Franklin and Gullah Gullah Island. But three things. One, like Franklin, all the other characters are named for their animal type: Hen, Cat, Owl... well you do have Mitzi... and Tutu... and No Feet... but still, they should have all the characters with a unique name. Second, Little Bear's imagination went too wild. While taking a bath in a tub, he's imagining he's swimming underwater, and meets a mermaid who gets caught in a fishing net, etc. etc. etc. Kinda wild, don't YOU think? Thirdly, the show takes place in the middle of no where!! I mean, come on. I'd like it if there was at least one episode thats setting was in a town. There are no towns ever mentioned! How do they get their food? I guess they grow it, like pioneers or something. Cut down trees for wood... grow crops for food... fish for food, also. Hmm... then again, I may be wrong in my third mentioning.

    Other than that, the show is great. A very good show for the younger ones and I recomend it to every kid between the ages of 2-7 or so.moreless

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