Dutchman's Gold

Season 4, Ep 19, Aired 1/22/61
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  • Episode Description
  • Beau Maverick wins half-ownership in the "high class" Blue Bell Saloon. In order to raise funds for the floundering Arizonan business, Beau and his partner Charlotte Simmons form an uneasy alliance with a mysterious prospector known only as the Dutchman. Along the trail to Superstition Mountain, which is in Apache territory where the cursed gold mine is supposedly located, the travelers encounter treachery and deceit.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Jacques Aubuchon

    The Dutchman

  • Carlos Romero (I)

    Ricardo Padilla

  • Sheldon Allman

    Vern Tripp

  • David Potter

    Sandy Tripp

  • Bob Grossman


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  • Quotes (14)

    • Charlotte: Howdy, stranger, welcome to the Blue Bell. Beau: Well, thank you. It's always a pleasure to patronize a … high class saloon. Charlotte: Are you being sarcastic? Beau: A little. Uh, where is the, uh, spacious gambling palace? Charlotte: Right over there. Beau: One poker table? Charlotte: One poker table. Beau: Very, very spacious.

    • Beau: How would you like to buy out my interest in the Blue Bell? Charlotte: Well, uh … ya see, what I had in mind was that you would buy me out. Beau: Oh. Oh, I - I wouldn't deprive you of the income from this high-class saloon and … spacious gambling palace. Charlotte: In other words, you haven't believed one word I've said. Beau: Not a syllable. Charlotte: Then why did you let me go on like that? Beau: Because you're so pretty when you're lying.

    • Beau: In a high-class saloon like this, friend, we always treat ladies with respect. Now take you hand off Miss Simmons! Sandy: I was havin' a little fun is all. Beau: So, you've had it. Now pick up your marbles and run along, sonny.

    • Beau: I must say, you cater to a choice clientele. I'd swear I'd seen at least half these faces on wanted posters. Charlotte: Well, if business gets any worse, you can always take up bounty hunting. Beau: No thanks, I'm more the easy-going, penniless type.

    • Charlotte: The Señor? What's wrong with him? Beau: You don't know who he is? Charlotte: (scoffs) Well, around here, we don't ask names. We just call him The Señor and let it go at that. He's very polite, he's one of the few cash customers we got. Besides, I like his music. Beau: Well, that polite gentleman happens to be Ricardo Padilla, probably the most dangerous bandit ever to cross the border. Charlotte: Him? Beau: Hmmm. (Charlotte smiles and blows Padilla a kiss) Beau: It doesn't bother you he's a killer? Charlotte: Not as long as his cash holds out.

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    Trivia (1)

    • The song Dutchman's Gold which is heard sung in this episode, was written by Jerry Capehart, the writer who supplied this episode's story idea. Capehart also co-wrote Summertime Blues and C'mon Everybody with Eddie Cochran.

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