Season 4, Ep 12, Aired 12/4/60
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  • Beau Maverick crashes a party in Virginia City thrown by eccentric socialite Kiz Bouchet. Kiz has a penchant for smoking cigars, playing poker, and fighting fires. Recognizing Beau as a fellow free spirit, she hires him to protect her because she believes her life is in danger. Beau discovers that Kiz's cousin Melissa, along with family doctor Pittman and attorney Hanford, are plotting to have Kiz judged incompetent so they can split her $2 million inheritance.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Peggy McCay

    Melissa Bouchet

  • Whit Bissell

    Clement Samuels

  • Tristram Coffin

    Dr. Pittman

  • Thomas Browne Henry

    Attorney Hanford

  • Claude Stroud


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  • Quotes (15)

    • (Beau wakes up the sleeping bartender) Beau: Dr. Livingston, I presume. Hank: Oh, excuse me. The name's Hank. Beau: Well, Hank, what happened to Virginia City? I've never seen it so empty. Hank: Yeah, this place hasn't been as empty as this since Adah Menken played Maguire's Theater … in tights. Beau: Well, who's not wearing what today?

    • Beau: It's sort of unusual, a woman staging a prizefight, isn't it?
      Hank: (chuckles) With Kiz, everything is unusual. She inherited her unhinged ideas from her old man, along with two million dollars.
      Beau: Well, with that kind of money, you're not unhinged, you're eccentric.

    • Kiz: You know I could have you thrown out? Beau: That would be the expected thing to do, but I hear you never do the expected. Kiz: I may make an exception in your case.

    • Kiz: Beau, tell me, why all this fuss over a prizefight? Beau: To see a prizefight in the company of the most beautiful girl in Virginia City. Kiz: Uh huh, fast work, Mr. Maverick. Beau: Well, life is short, Miss Bouchet Kiz: That's my motto.

    • Beau: Why pick me for a bodyguard? Kiz: I like your style and I trust you Beau: A complete stranger? Kiz: Exactly, because you have no reason to want to do me in. Beau: You know, I'm not very good at saving other peoples lives, I barely manage to hold on to my own. Kiz: Oh, you'll do. Is it a bet? Beau: It's a bet.

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    Notes (1)

    • The name of Whit Bissell's character is a parody on the real name of famed author Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens).

    Allusions (2)

    • Hank: Yeah, this place hasn't been as empty as this since Adah Menken played Maguire's Theater in tights. Adah Menken, an American actress, painter and poet, pioneered the art of cultivating an outrageous, sensationalized personality as a ticket to fame and fortune. The affairs, the multiple marriages, the public smoking - these were mere appetizers. Her provocative 1860's stage performances in Mazeppa, strapped to a horse bareback, wearing nothing but a flesh-colored body stocking so as to appear naked, ensured her notorious reputation as a scandalous, "liberated" woman.

    • Beau: Dr. Livingston, I presume. Although there is now some question as to authenticity of this now famous greeting, these words were allegedly spoken by the Welsh explorer Sir Henry Morton Stanley in 1871 when he finally found the long-missing explorer and missionary, Dr. David Livingstone, in Africa. The phrase appeared in a New York Herald editorial dated Aug 10, 1872 and quickly worked its way into pop culture. In 1939, a popular film called Stanley and Livingstone was released, starring Spencer Tracy and Cedric Hardwicke. In 1968, the Moody Blues released the song "Dr. Livingstone, I Presume." Since then the phrase and Livingston's name continue to live on in everything from computer games, movies and pop songs to Star Trek episodes.

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