Rope Of Cards

Season 1, Ep 17, Aired 1/19/58
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  • Episode Description
  • Maverick finds himself on the jury of a murder trial and happens to be the only member who thinks the accused didn't do it.

  • Cast & Crew
  • William Reynolds

    Billy Gregg

  • Tol Avery

    John Sloan

  • Emile Meyer


  • Hugh Sanders (I)


  • Joan Marshall

    Lucy Sutter

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    • Price (laughing): Look's like your luck's changin', Mr. Maverick. Sheriff: Mr. Maverick? Bret: Yeah, Sheriff? Sheriff: I wonder if you'd mind walkin' over to the jail with me Bret (grinning): What's the charge? Sheriff: Murder. (Bret looks worried) Well, you didn't do it. Young fella over there's in trouble, seems to think you can help him out of it. Bret: Well, I don't know, I'm in a bit of trouble here myself. Sheriff: Yours can keep, his can't.

    • (the Sheriff wants Bret for juror duty) Bret: But I don't have a permanent home here. Charlie: Oh, you can stay at my home while you're on the jury, Mr. Maverick. I've got a spare room and I … Sheriff: Charlie. Bret: I have no interests in this town, no business, no nothin'. Sheriff: What are you doing in town? Bret: Playing cards. Sheriff: How do you make a livin'? Bret: Playing cards. Sheriff: Then you got a business. Let's go.

    • Jabe: Is that the best story you got to tell? Billy: Yes. Jabe: Don't ring true. If you wanna make any changes, got anything to tell me, it's the last chance to do it. Billy: No. No, no, there's nothin'. Lucy: Billy didn't murder John Sloan, Jabe. I believe him. Shouldn't you believe him too? Jabe: I should. Yes, I should.

    • Blaine: Hello, Jabe, been a long time, hasn't it? Jabe: Not near long enough. Blaine: Oh, come now, just because we're on opposite sides here, there's no reason we can't be friendly. Jabe: I got reason enough without that. Blaine: Oh, don't be a fool, Jabe. We've butted heads before, but that's all in the past. Jabe: I never saw a bobcat go to eatin' grass. Blaine: We've both had a few years to, uh, forget our differences. We're older now. Jabe: The older a rattlesnake gets, the more poison he's got in 'im.

    • Blaine: Oh, you're a bitter man, Jabe - bitter because a younger man could shake himself loose from this cow town, make something better for himself. Jabe: Yeah, better for himself, but not better for the people. You don't give two hoots for 'em, you never have - but you could end up being their Governor if somebody don't get in your way. Blaine: You think you can stop me? Jabe: I can stop you from usin' Billy Gregg as a steppin' stone. Blaine (chuckles): Not with the case you've got, Jabe. Jabe: Maybe not, but you'll know you've been in a fight.

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