Season 1, Ep 9, Aired 11/17/57
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  • Episode Description
  • Maverick and Dandy Jim Buckley both get conned by the same crook, Tony Cadiz. They decide to team up together to return the favor, that is, if Bret doesn't get conned by Buckley first.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Joan Shawlee

    Madame Pompey

  • Pamela Duncan

    Coral Stacey

  • Mike Lane

    Noah Perkins

  • Pat Comiskey

    Battling Krueger

  • Rand Brooks

    Jack Blair

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  • Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. guest stars as a fellow gambler who joins with Bret for some frontier payback.

    By jwc41, Sep 27, 2005

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    • Pompey: When'd he crawl on board? Cadiz: I see you have a new stable of harpies, Madame Pompey, it was about time. Pompey: Harpies, my bustle! Why these are sweet and genteel girls, straight out of finishing school in St. Louie - and each one a gifted entertainer. Cadiz: So gifted, you had to drag them to Deadwood to make a living? Pompey: Girls, hey girls! Girls, I've got somebody I want you to meet … Girls, you can look east, you can look west, you can look north or you can look south - but you're never gonna find a dirtier louse than Tony Cadiz … If he comes near ya, just spit in his eye.

    • Bret: Pompey, set 'em up for the girls. Pompey: Hey! I didn't know you were a drinker. Bret: Well, I'm not, doesn't keep me from buyin' for my friends.

    • (Bret and Dandy Jim are stranded on a small island) Bret: What're you doin' here? Eh, no, don't tell me, I know. Buckley: Well … I bought a new hold out clamp device, worked on springs. It could drop an ace into your palm with a flick of the wrist. (chuckling) It was amazing … Then the blasted contraption developed a squeak. Bret (laughing): Must have been embarrassing. Buckley: Oh, the skipper of The Far West was … not a reasonable man. He stripped me of every dollar, then marooned me on this disgusting mud bank.

    • Bret (voiceover): By nightfall, we'd crossed the ridge and come down into the mountain meadow. There was only one thing wrong. The meadow had sprouted a full-size town. Buckley: Well, don't look at me like that, how was I to know? Bret: That's what I'm wondering.

    • (Bret punches Buckley, knocking him to the ground) Buckley: Now what the devil was that for? Bret: You knew they built the jail over there. You've been here before. Buckley: Here!? (Bret glares at him) Well, uh, as a matter of fact, yes, I have been. That was another reason for the 50%, I needed help. Bret: Why pick on me? Buckley: Well, there was no-one else here I could trust. So, I was on my way to St. Louis to get my - my cousin, whom I don't trust very much either, when I ran into you. And your greatest weakness, my friend, is that you're completely trustworthy. (Bret scoffs) Also, I needed someone with special qualities - a strong man for the digging and a man who won't mind being tossed into jail (Bret appears startled) … for $20,000.

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    • Unlike many western stars of the day, such as, Clint Walker in Cheyenne and Robert Conrad in The Wild, Wild West, James Garner tended to keep his shirt on in Maverick. But here, he's put on rare "bare" display as, stripped to the waist, he enters the squared circle against the mighty "Battling Krueger".

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