The Bundle From Britain

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    Well-done change of direction

    By satlov, Feb 27, 2009

    The story itself isn't much but the way Beau is brought into the cast is fine. Lots of British characters and suspect British accents. There's even a My Fair Lady reference. The two cousins interact in credible ways. The backstory about Beau's banishment is quick and clear.

    Nice to see a Maverick fleece one of the small-time con artists they run across regularly. Often a show ends with one of our guys having to accept a little larceny. Here Bart does Freddie very well.

    A callback to a previous episode is when Bart steps onto the Cynthia B, the name of the boat that Bret, then Bart, had bought in a scam ("Cruise of the Cynthia B").

    Another callback is the royal straight flush that Bart is dealt. This time in hearts; last time in spades ("The People's Friend"). Here he might have been able to play it.

    Warner Bros. used the opportunity to bring in a new character very nicely. Too bad they lost James Garner.moreless

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