The Deadly Image

Season 4, Ep 26, Aired 3/12/61
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  • Episode Description
  • Bart Maverick is arrested while in transit to Cheyenne by the army on a hanging offense after he's mistaken for the outlaw Rod Claxton who just happens to be his exact double.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Abraham Sofaer

    Papa Rambeau

  • Dawn Wells

    Caprice Rambeau

  • Robert Ridgely

    Lt. Reed

  • Bartlett Robinson

    Capt. Ranson

  • Harvey Johnson

    Sgt. Rafferty

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  • Quotes (15)

    • Tellson: Hold it, Claxton, don't come any further. Bart: Whoa, now, take it easy fella. Tellson: So ya had to come out in the open? Your gun-whelps couldn't finish the job. Bart: Look, my name isn't Claxton, it's Maverick.

    • (Bart finishes burying the gunman) Bart: Well, that's finished. Tellson: Hardly worth the trouble, I'd say. Bart: You should respect the dead, mister, no matter what they were like alive. Tellson: Why? Bart: You're lucky, if that slug had creased your skull just a quarter of an inch deeper, you wouldn't be talkin' right now. Tellson: Pays to have a hard head.

    • Bart: All right, I wanna make Fort Bozeman by tonight. Tellson: You, uh, you know anybody at the fort? Bart: No, but it seemed like a safe place to bed down. Tellson: Better keep ridin'. Bart: Why? Tellson: Well, with somebody who looks as much like Rod Claxton as you do, they're liable to shoot first and ask questions later. Bart: Now, Tellson, I know this is tough country and the Army's havin' a big job keepin' a lid on it, but you can't tell me that they're gonna just go shooting at somebody without a good reason. Tellson: All right, if you wanna be a trusting soul … that's your affair.

    • Lt. Reed: Hold, both of you. You're under arrest. Don't try to escape or I'll… Bart: I know, Lieutenant, you'll shoot first and ask questions later. Lt. Reed: Don't give me any provocation, Claxton. Bart: I'm not Claxton.

    • Capt. Ranson: So, you finally slipped up, Claxton? Bart: Captain, I … Capt. Ranson: Silence. Bart: I have a right to be heard, sir, and I intend to make that … Capt. Ranson: Sergeant, if he opens his mouth again, shut it for him. Sgt. Rafferty: Yes, sir. Lt. Reed: He claims he isn't Claxton, sir. Capt. Ranson: Naturally. Lt. Reed: He claims his name is Maverick. Capt. Ranson: So your name is Maverick? (nods towards Tellson) And I suppose that's Little Miss Muffet.

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    • Jack Kelly plays a dual role in this episode.

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