The Maverick Report

Season 5, Ep 9, Aired 3/11/62
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  • Episode Description
  • Bart "wins" the Porterville Clarion, a crusading newspaper, from a friend - who then turns up dead. When the corrupt political machine the Clarion has been attacking turns its legal guns on Bart, he hoodwinks his good friend, Doc Holiday, into becoming a not-so-silent partner.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Jo Morrow

    Jeanie Porter

  • Ed Nelson

    Gary Harrison

  • Patricia Crest

    Molly Malone

  • George N. Neise


  • Kem Dibbs


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  • Quotes (24)

    • Holliday: (caught "hiding") Bart, my old friend, it's good to see ya.
      Bart: I'll just betcha it is. Doc, you are a low-down, connivin' double-dealer.
      Holliday: Shh-h-h, Bart, quiet, these gentlemen are my colleagues.
      Bart: When you left me in Dodge, you left me holdin' the bag, and you know it, Doc.
      Holliday: Bart, she was beautiful.
      Bart: And her husband was eight-feet tall. If I hadn't paid him that $2,000 you owed him, he would've busted me up into little pieces.

    • Holliday: Bartender, four whiskeys please. Bart: Oh, Doc, just have time for one. Holliday: Make that three.

    • Bart: Hey, tell me, Doc, a man who builds up a practice doesn't have much time to concentrate on the finer points of poker playing, does he?
      Holliday: Ah, they still play…(lowers voice) They still play the same undergraduate game, but the Doc Holliday School For Happy Losers opens any minute.
      Bart: Well, that's fine. I'll see you just as soon as school is over, Doc.
      Holliday: Why?
      Bart: To pick up the $2,000 you owe me. Or take it in gold inlay or bridge work or what have you. Oh, incidentally, Doc, don't run out on me this time, will ya?
      Holliday: (Doc raises his right hand as if to swear) Why…
      Bart: (Bart lowers Doc's hand and puts a drink in it) Oh, swearing does not become you, Doctor.

    • Jonesy: Hey, you better not stand too close to that man, you'll catch politics. Harrison: How are you, Jonesy? Jonesy: Oh, save your charm, Gary, Mr. Maverick here doesn't happen to be a registered voter in the fair state of Colorado. You got a story for my paper? Harrison: Well, outside of the hotel opening up, it's been a slow week. Jonesy: Oh, come now. The good Senator must've stolen some public utility. Maybe just a little one? Huh? Well, I guess I'll just have to rehash one of his earlier swindles.

    • Harrison: Mr. Maverick, whether you're a registered voter or not, I'll buy you a drink sometime … Bart: Well, thank you very much. Jonesy: Uh, what about me? Harrison: You I'll just buy sometime. (Harrison leaves as Jonsey chuckles) Bart: Jonesy, does he take orders or give them? Holliday: He doesn't give anything, he's a politician.

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    Trivia (1)

    • Ed Nelson guest stars as Gary Harrison. He is the only actor who appeared on Maverick and later guest star on Bret Maverick.

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