Three Queens Full

Season 5, Ep 4, Aired 11/12/61
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  • Episode Description
  • Wealthy rancher Joe Wheelwright, putting the "cart" before the horse, forces Maverick to chaperon three women arriving from San Francisco to marry his "three fine sons"...Henry, Small Paul and Moose. However, the three "ladies" in question seem to have larceny on their minds, not romance.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Kasey Rogers

    Emma Walter

  • William Bruckner

  • Robert Hamner

  • Merry Anders

    Cissie Anderson

  • Allyson Ames

    Lou Ann Smythe

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  • It's the ladies ...

    By satlov, Mar 24, 2009

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    • Braze: Well, it isn't very often that the Wheelwright's honor my den of iniquity, huh? (laughs) Big Joe: We got business, let's skip the jokes. Don't like that fella. Can't trust a man with a sense of humor.

    • Small Paul: Have a drink. Bart: No thanks. Small Paul: But I bought it for you. Bart: That whole bottle? Why? Small Paul: Pa told me to. Joe: Well, go ahead, Mr. Maverick, help yourself. Bart: I never drink when I work. Joe: Good for you, Mr. Maverick, I do admire a temperate man.

    • Joe: I thought you said he was a gentleman. What kind of a gentleman doesn't rescue a female in distress? Sheriff: Oh, just give him time, is all. Bar Girl: Somebody help! Sheriff: Maverick, what do you aim to do about that bully? Bar Girl: Stop that! Bart: Since that bully's about 7 feet square, I aim to mind my own business, which is normally the care and feeding of poker pots. Sheriff: As Sheriff of this town, I order you to rescue that female! Bart: As Sheriff of this town, why don't ya do it yourself? Sheriff: Well, we do things a little different around here. Bart: You can say that again, Sheriff.

    • (after Moose knocks him out, Bart is carried to his bed) Joe: I suppose you've been wondering what's been going on here, Mr. Maverick. Bart: I have just one question. Are you people out of your minds?

    • Joe: You know, more and more, I've come to the conclusion that you are the man for us. Bart: What are you talking about? Joe: We've been testing you. Your honesty, temperance, gentility. And you have come through with flying colors. Bart: Flying colors and a busted chin.

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    • If some of the characters seem just a little familiar in this episode, go back and watch Bonanza.

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