Maya & Miguel

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Quotes (191)

  • When Maggie says, "Mm, still not right" after Miguel and Tito move the table, Chrissy's mouth moves instead.

  • Maya: (narrating) I realized you can learn a lot from Feng Shui, but you may not learn it all in one afternoon. And when it comes to luck, sometimes you just have to take the bad with the good.

  • Elena: I think you chased all the bad luck into my apartment.

  • Rosa: I'll get the salad...if I can find the kitchen.

  • Carlos: Are you aware that you have a metal file cabinet in your bathroom?

  • Santiago: Mother and daughter. (chuckles) What a team.

  • Rosa: Hola. Buenos noches. You must be SeƱor... (gasps at new arrangement) This is not my house.

  • Santiago: Please excuse my son. He-he is very passionate about the animals. Carlos: Esta bien. A father can indulge his children from time to time.

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Notes (39)

  • Maya has the first line in the series.

  • This is the pilot episode of Maya & Miguel.

  • This episode is also available in picture book form: a "tele-novel".

  • First appearances of Theo, Andy, Sr. Felipe, and Tito's parents Ernesto and Theresa.

  • Maya: Eso es This means: "That's it!"

  • It's first confirmed here that Santiago came from Puerto Rico and that Rosa and Elena came from Mexico even though the previous two episodes at least hinted it.

  • First time we see the twins' maternal grandfather Ernesto, which is also the same name as Tito's father. (And since The Doubtful Prince shows that Elena remembers the latter from his childhood, that would make him Ernesto Jr. and the other Ernesto Sr.)

  • The Mrs. Saliavati look-alike from Rhymes With Gato reappears with a Spanish accent.

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Trivia (45)

  • Despite the flying paint drops, especially when Paco flies directly overhead the first time, Chrissy remains looking neat.

  • The first paint can taken out gives the impression of an encrusted cover. But when Miguel says, "What're we gonna do with it?", the cover he opens is clean.

  • The kitchen faucet runs as the twins and Tito study water in the book but then inexplicably turns off.

  • Chrissy's mouth isn't moving when she says, "Hmm, where shall we put it?" after Maggie gets the fan out.

  • There's an effect when Maggie holds up the Feng Shui book where it's overshadowed by a red sun to imitate Japan's status as the Land of the Rising Sun even though Maggie's family clearly originates from China. However, that probably doesn't matter since it's just a gag.

  • At the point where Miguel gets his soccer ball back after Rosa leaves, Maya's baubles glow without her saying "Eso es!". This is the first time such a manner happens.

  • When Miguel says, "Mirame! I'm drenched!" after Maya accidentally soaks him, his undershirt is missing but reappears afterward.

  • Andy's shirt is usually mostly green but has become purple for this episode. Similarly, Theo's turquoise jersey is now green.

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Allusions (12)

  • Title is a play on the movie When Harry Met Sally.

  • Maya's line "Agent 009? The chicken is in the barnyard. Do you read?" and the gang's sneak-in sequence reminisce of the James Bond movies.

  • "Dancing In The Rain" is a play on Singin' In The Rain.

  • Maya and Andy's role play contains the classic countdown sequence seen in most old documentaries and other movies.

  • Maya's fantasy about an obnoxious brother spoofs Frankenstein.

  • The title most likely originates from the movie Max Keeble's Big Move.

  • The following details in Miguel's comic book spoof other popular media: Rabbit-Bird Man, vehicle, and hideout - Batman Comic Book Santiago: Look! Up in the sky!... - Superman Robo-Theo - Megaman

  • The "Come on down!" phrase above is the phrase that Rod Roddy used on "The Price is Right."

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