Murder Arena (2) (or Walk in the Dark)

Season 1, Ep 6, Aired 10/14/70
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  • Episode Description
  • McCloud complains about his assignment to rodeo detail, so Chief Clifford sends him to Special Auxiliary Force VI under the command of Sgt. Dameron, where he works to catch a murderer in Central Park.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Dennis Weaver

    Deputy Marshal Sam McCloud, Taos, New Mexico

  • Terry Carter

    Sergeant Joe Broadhurst

  • J.D. Cannon

    Peter B. Clifford, Chief of Detectives, City of New York

  • Russ Mayberry

  • Bill Egan

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (13)

    • (McCloud rescues Officer Keach and apprehends the assailant) McCloud : Why don't you go book 'im, 'n I'll meet ya. Sgt. Dameron: McCloud, you're gonna hear from me on two counts. One, I'm gonna file an official complaint, and two, I'm gonna attach a recommendation for exceptional service. McCloud : I 'preciate y' kindness, Sergeant. (kisses her on the left cheek)

    • (Officer Keach, on decoy duty in the park, has disappeared, but McCloud isn't a member of the "team") McCloud: (to Sgt. Dameron.) Sergeant, you may not realize it, but three stripes don't outrank a marshal. Now, you can poke around here all ya want to, but I'm followin' her tracks.

    • McCloud: (Discussing horses with the blind paperseller) ...o' course, if he starts switchin' his tail, ya might as well tear up y' ticket.

    • (McCloud tries unsuccessfully to transfer out of Special Auxiliary Force VI) Chief Clifford: What does he know about interdepartmental cooperation? Sgt. Broadhurst: You mean dirty politics. Chief Clifford: That's what I said.

    • (McCloud may be in over his head) Sgt. Broadhurst: Now, what do you want me to do? Chief Clifford: Well, go help him! (Sgt. Broadhurst starts to exit) Oh, Broadhurst. Sgt. Broadhurst: Yes? Chief Clifford: If Dameron catches you, this department disowns you completely. Sgt. Broadhurst: (stoically) If Dameron catches me, I self-destruct.

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    Notes (1)

    • Additional Credits: Adaptation: FRANCESCA TURNER Based on Characters Created by: HERMAN MILLER Titles & Optical Effects: UNIVERSAL TITLE

    Trivia (4)

    • It's revealed in this episode that McCloud has no middle name.

    • Officer Keach, according to her file, is 5'4", 36-24-35 (Badge No. 2006).

    • Susan St. James would later star in the NBC Mystery Movie series "McMillan & Wife" as the wife of Police Commissioner Stewart McMillan (Rock Hudson).

    • Sgt. Dameron's desk plate reads F.J. Dameron, but Chief Clifford refers to her as D.J. Dameron, possibly reflecting the discrepancy in this first season between his own desk plate and given name.

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