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    Great Family Show

    By JPPT1974, Mar 24, 2006

    This is a great family show

    And wished that it was back on

    Loved it when it was paired with Colombo

    It starred Dennis Weaver as Deputy US Marshal Sam McCloud

    Assigned to the NYPD, who's LT didn't like it at all

    As McCloud would rather use his instincts and before MacGyver, not use a gun that much

    And use things of the old wild west

    But despite his and the NYPD's differences

    He managed to get his man!

    Please bring it back!

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  • 9.0

    There you go.

    By Mad_Buck, Jul 26, 2005

    McCloud was a 90 minute series that aired as part of NBC's mystery movie trilogy along with Columbo and McMillain and Wife. Though not as well remembered or received as Columbo, McCloud was an entertaing show for its time and it still holds up pretty well when viewed today. The storyline concerned Marshal Sam McCloud from Taos, New Mexico who was assigned to temporary duty with the New York Police Department. McCloud's unorthodox style and methods continually exasperate and frustrate his boss, Chief of Detectives Peter B. Clifford. The series was loosely based on the 1968 movie Coogan's Bluff which starred Clint Eastwood as a Southwestern lawman persuing a fugitive to New York and his ensuing cultural clashes with some of the natives.

    The show obviously had a big budget because they filmed episodes all over the world in places such as Great Britain, Australia, and France and its production values were always first class. Despite the exotic settings of many episodes, the show's focal point was always the interplay between Dennis Weaver's McCloud and J. D. Cannon's Clifford. Those two had some skirmishes but what made things work was that you knew deep down that the two men really respected each other.moreless

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