McHale's Navy

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Quotes (5)

  • Captain Binghamton: < upon finding a pile of empty beer cans stowed in the torpedo tube > What is this, Carpenter? Some new sort of depth charge?

  • Tinker is signaling the 73 with a flashlight, and Morse code.

    Willy: Looks like somebody's makin' a signal from the base! Hey, it's Tinker!

    McHale: What's he say?!

    Willy: Says… HELP! HELP!!

    Willy signals back, to find out what's wrong.

    McHale: What's he say, Willy, what's he say?!!

    Willy: Well, without the cuss-words, he says the Admiral pulled a switch, and wants Sukiyaki.

  • Binghamton has just received word that Whit Barrett - The famous War Correspondent - Is due to arrive at Taratupa the following day. Binghamton: Notify all personnel… I want this base one hundred percent ship-shape! Carpenter: Yes sir. And, good luck to you, sir. Binghamton: Luck? Carpenter: Well, yes sir. Every time Mr. Barrett devotes one of his newspaper columns to a man, he seems to get promoted. Binghamton: I could care less. Carpenter: But, in the last six months, sir, it's happened three times! Binghamton: Four. Carpenter: (Thinking, as he counts) Captain Stutz... Admiral Brawley... Commander Simpson. Binghamton: You're forgetting that young hot-rodder on the PT 109. He became a full Lieutenant! (See Notes)

  • George Gregory – The Undersecretary Of State, on an inspection tour of the base – Has just joined Binghamton at a table, with several native islanders, where a feast of local food has been prepared. Gregory: I’ve never seen so many native dishes! Binghamton: Yes, the girls are lovely. Especially the Chief’s Daughter. Gregory: I was speaking of the food.

  • Binghamton, desperate for some evidence that McHale is collaborating with the enemy, makes one last attempt to get Sam The Parrot to repeat, for The Admiral, what he’s heard from McHale and his men. Binghamton: Tell the Admiral the truth, for Heaven’s sakes! Sam The Parrot: Binghamton’s a jerk! Binghamton’s a jerk! Admiral Rogers: And, who am I to argue with a bird?

Notes (24)

  • Series Regulars Joe Flynn (Captain Binghamton) and Bob Hastings (Lt. Carpenter) did not appear in this episode.

  • Writer Joe Heller (Better known as Joseph Heller) is probably most famous for his novel 'Catch 22', but he also helped pen the screenplay for the 1967 MGM James Bond fiasco 'Casino Royale', along with the likes of Billy Wilder, Woody Allen, and Peter Sellers.

  • In this episode, the character played by Jane Dulo is named 'Molly Hunter', but, in later episodes, the character is named 'Molly Turner'.

  • The name of the Japanese Commander is spelled, in the closing credits, as 'Simuru'. However, during the episode, the character clearly pronounces his name as 'Shimura'.

  • Co-Writer Frank Gill Jr. is sometimes billed as 'Frank J. Gill, Jr.'.

  • Writer Kempley is credited as 'Teleplay By'. Also, Series Regular Bob Hastings (Lt. Carpenter) does not appear in this episode.

  • In this episode, we learn Admiral Reynolds' first name, and middle initial: 'Roscoe G.'

  • Ishimoto - The Actor who plays 'The Japanese Lieutenant' - Is sometimes billed as Dale Ishimoto.

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Trivia (5)

  • In the end, the Congresswoman chooses the PT 109 for the War Bond Tour, whose Commander, of course, is Lieutenant John F. Kennedy.

  • While Charlie's plane is on the ground, before Mr. Parker takes off, it's wings, elevators, and tail rudder all have rounded ends, and it has a two-man cockpit. But, during Parker's erratic flight, the plane is clearly different, in that it's wings, elevators and tail rudder all have square ends, and it has a one-man cockpit.

  • While the boat is supposedly anchored at a deserted island, Tinker (Billy Sands) comes up from the engine bay, to tell McHale that the engines are operational again. Behind Tinker, the open sea can be seen, and the boat is apparently moving, as evidenced by the wake.

  • When Binghamton makes his entrance, in his Geisha costume, there is a tremendous round of applause, yet, when the audience is shown, no one is clapping.

  • In most episodes, the last name of the recurring character 'Nurse Molly' (Played by Jane Dulo) is 'Turner', but, in some early episodes, it is 'Hunter'. However, in this particular episode, the character's last name was mis-spelled, as 'Tunner'.

Allusions (1)

  • Toward the end of the episode, McHale refers to Parker's masquerade as a cave man as "An Oscar-winning performance".  Binghamton, who has just arrived, happens to overhear that line, and says: "What would you know about an Oscar-winning performance?".  This has to be an allusion to Ernest Borgnine's Oscar win, for his performance in the movie 'Marty' some 8 years earlier.