McLeod's Daughters

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  • Alex (to Tess): Catch you later, Tess. Tess: See ya. Claire: Put it away mate. Alex: Get outta here, I'm a man, she's a woman. Claire: Thanks, what does that make me? Alex: Well, you're a... you're a Claire.

  • Claire: So Terry, what's it this week, fence down, bull on the lose... Terry: Uh, Harry wants to know if you picked up any of his cattle in your herd? Claire: Gees, you think a man who can owned a helicopter, would own a phone.

  • Tess: I remember that smell that smell of... Claire: Oh, uh wood? Tess: No, mold, old moldy smell...

  • Tess (to Alex): Love your entrance, have we got one of those...? Alex (to Claire): You've got a sister. Claire: Yeah, and our Rolls Royce is in for a service. Half sister, Dad's second marriage.

  • Claire: A twinkle in the eye looking inwards, ten letters... (Claire looks around at the table, no one is there)

  • Jodi: Do you think that Dad will leave us anything when he dies? Meg: Ex-Husbands don't die they just keep running up debt.

  • Station Hand: Hello darling! Station Hand #2: Hey Becky, you got the time, I got the equipment... Station Hand: Come on Beck, share it around, Beck. Station Hand #3: You got a lovely set of tits perky... Come on give us a look... Beck: Take a good look boys cause that's all you're gonna get... (She lifts up her shirt)

  • Jodi (about Tess): I mean who's dumb enough to leave the gate open? Meg: She didn't know. Jodi: I bet Claire was pissed. (Tess walks in) Tess: Sure was! Jodi: Oops.

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Notes (161)

  • Running Time: 120 minutes

  • This episode does not feature the main character credits at the beginning.

  • This episode was originally intended to be broadcast on September 12, but was held back a week due to Channel Nine's coverage of the crisis in America [September 11, 2001].

  • This episode is also known as "Love of My Life".

  • New Zealand airdate of this episode: April 4, 2002

  • While previously hinted upon (with longing looks), when Nick whispers "Tess...stay." after she's walked away, it's finally confirmed, that he has feelings for her.

  • This is the final appearance of John Sheerin as "Brian Cronin".

  • Harry discovers that Peter is married with two children, and tells Becky, in the hopes she'll be the bearer of bad news to Claire, instead of him.

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Trivia (121)

  • TRIVIA: In August 2001 the first episode of the series aired on Australian TV. Creator Posie Graeme-Evans developed the show from a highly successful TV movie which aired in 1996. Drovers Run (where the show is filmed) was originally called Kingsford and was bought by the nine network in 1999. Drovers Run is a working property located between the townships of Gawler and Freeling in South Australia. Originally it was part of 30,000 acres but is now 135 acres of farming land. The house was built over 30 years and was finished in 1856. The interior filming is all filmed within the house and not on any other set.

  • TRIVIA: In this episode it's shown, via his grave, that Jack McLeod was 60 years old when he died.

  • TRIVIA: In this episode it's learned that that Claire's mother, Prudence, died when giving birth to stillborn son, Adam, in 1975, at the age of 25 years old.

  • When Tess is fixing the windmill, there's a strong wind (seen because the windmill is turning and Tess' hair is blowing) but when the three other girls look at the windmill from further away the windmill isn't turning at all!

  • TRIVIA: Tess' number plate on her VW Bug reads VHR 547.

  • TRIVIA: Foreshadowing? When Claire goes into the kitchen, Meg tells her that Jack told her things about what he wanted for the future, and Claire snaps with a snide comment about how Jack and Meg had a fling. Immediately after Jodi walks in after this comment is made - perhaps a hint to the viewer what the product of this romance was, as it's later revealed that Jodi is the lovechild of Meg and Jack.

  • Nitpick - If Nick didn't practice with the others how did he know the routine?

  • TRIVIA: Guest star Peter Rodgers (Gerry Wallis) will later appear twice more on the series as different characters each time. The second time was in the season 5 episode Body Blows as Tony Bright, and the third time in the season 7 episode Rules of Engagement as Don Martin.

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Allusions (11)

  • Title: If the Boots Fits...
    A reference to the common saying "if the shoes fits" or the full version of "if the shoe fits, wear it". Which basically means if there is a lesson for you, you should learn it.

  • Title: The Italian Stallion
    This is a reference to the "Rocky" boxing films starring Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa. In the films Rocky is referred to as "The Italian Stallion".

  • Title: My Noon, My Midnight
    The inspiration for the title of this episode was the W H Auden poem "Funeral Blues".

  • The storyline of this episode was very similar to the 1998 film "Sliding Doors" which starred Gwyneth Paltrow as a woman who in one instance caught a train and in the other instance did not, we saw her live her life based upon that one event, parallel. In this episode we see Tess do something similar.

  • Jasmine: "I'm sure your Bush psychology works a treat."
    The background to Bush's psychology explains the reasoning behind Conservatism; a set of neuroses rooted in "fear and aggression, dogmatism and the intolerance of ambiguity".

  • Stevie (to Alex about his old girlfriend): I hope she's a 'bunny-boiler'.
    This is a reference to the 1980's film "Fatal Attraction", in which a scorned woman boiled her lover's child's bunny as revenge.

  • Kate (to Stevie, about Rose): If you build it...she will come.
    A paraphrased reference to the famous line from the film "Field of Dreams".

  • Riley reveals that he's a gentler, also known as a horse whisperer.
    A gentler or a horse whisperer is a horse trainer who adopts a sympathetic view of a horse's motives, needs, and desires and it's all based on modern equine psychology. Nicholas Evans wrote a 1995 novel on the topic called The Horse Whisperer and it was made into a film in 1998 starring Robert Redford.

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