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    Tina di Joseph is more wooden than Pinocchio

    By nursejackie1969, Jan 24, 2015

    I checked her acting history on IMDB and what a surprise she hasn't had any more work after Medium. I also discovered she's married to one of the show's writers so that explains how she got the job but not why they kept her. I cringe when she's on screen at how bad she is.

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    great show

    By ch101972, Nov 01, 2014

    i just finished watching medium it very good and thank to netflix

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    Great show, the real Alison ruined it.

    By mediumisinthehouse, Aug 17, 2014

    I really loved this show too. The real Alison DuBois showed up as a guest on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and proceeded to get totally drunk, brag about her abilities, and generally make an a** out of herself. Medium was cancelled shortly after. If they had based the show on her without using her families actual names I think it would have been okay. Check out the RHBH episode , its cringe worthy for sure. Its hard to believe she's really psychic after watching that.moreless

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    miss miss miss this show

    By dianelongo37, Oct 10, 2013

    i don't like much on tv... loved this show. miss it still. i love the plots, twists and family members. I miss this show else like it.

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    I like the family life shown in Medium

    By sooszq, Jul 24, 2013

    I acknowledge that some of the episodes were a little hokey but I enjoyed watching the family life portrayed in Medium. I read some of the reviews describing Patricia Arquette's Allison as wooden, whiny and tiresome. I think she does a good job with her character. One person said she was a 'know it If you can see into the future and talk to dead people maybe you would come off as a smarty pants, but that comes with the territory. Someone complained because there were so many scenes of them in the bedroom in their PJ's. That's the way life can be sometimes when both partners work and they have three children to care for. Sometimes it seems like you no sooner get home from work, eat and clean up that's it's time to get the kids ready for bed and put on your own PJs and go to bed. Most times Allison and Joe kept talking to each other even through the tough times. I think the scenes with the kids were funny and true-to-life. I thought it was difficult for Joe to play Mr. Mom while Allison was out at night being a psychic crime dog but in reality many of us work long and inconvenient hours while our spouse may not. It's life and I think the show Medium portrayed it well.moreless

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    Create Season 8!

    By IsabelleA0120, Jun 28, 2013

    Will any of the smart networks . CBS, think of bringing this back? Will the original cast sign on for another season of unique, heart tugging, exciting, and just great episodes?

    Just asking. Would be great if we can get any reply....

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    I loved this show so much!

    By audrey1999, Jan 31, 2013

    This was one of my favorite shows. The last episode was unexpected and very sad but this was a great show.

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    By cindycarcia, Jan 09, 2013

    please make 8th season and more. I really love it more than another serial tv. Medium had a brilliant stories. I never missed every single episode on it. Their actings were very normal, pure, and natural. Salute! Hope there will be 8th season and more. And one thing, I really hate the ending. The ending of story was very silly. Gee!! I never expected that story. There would be nice if Dubois was not dead. And they can be happy together forever. One more time please please please make 8th season for me and us, your fans. I really really love it. ^^moreless

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    Just made a new freind and now they,ve gone

    By italpeel, Aug 15, 2012

    Started watching this recently when my wife started watching it.Normally i dont really watch her programs but i got sucked into this big time.I think i started to watch it from somewhere around the end of series two and i had got up to about the start of series four when i decided to find out a bit more about the series only to find out it had been cancled half way through series seven.just watched the whole of series seven,not sure what to make of the finale,only to say its a great series and i absolutly love itmoreless

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