MegaMan NT Warrior

(ended 2005)
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  • S 3 : Ep 46

    Dr. Regal's Rampage

    Aired 12/9/05

  • S 3 : Ep 45

    Dark vs. Dark

    Aired 12/8/05

  • S 3 : Ep 44

    ProtoMan Returns

    Aired 12/7/05

  • S 3 : Ep 43

    Ms. Yuri's Mission

    Aired 12/6/05

  • S 3 : Ep 42

    Get Dr. Regal!

    Aired 12/5/05

  • Cast & Crew
  • Garry Chalk

    PET Voice

  • Scott McNeil


  • Tabitha St. Germain


  • David Kaye


  • Nicole Oliver

    Mrs. Hikari

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  • Set in the year 200X, This exciting, futuristic anime-adventure series follows the discoveries and exploits of fifth-grader Lan Hikari, whose NetNavi and alter ego is the blue-suited, virus-fighting, virtual superhero named MegaMan. Lan and his friends download different Battle Chips to change their personal NetNavis' gadgetry and defense capabilities. Only by working as a team can they thwart the evil Net crime organizations like World Three, Grave, and Nebula, who are out to take over the Net in order to wreak havoc on the world.Season three takes on the name of "MegaMan NT Warrior Axess" and a new concept called CrossFusion is introduced. Using a special SynchroChip within digital fields called Dimensional Areas, NetNavis and their NetOps can fuse as one and fight viruses and evil NetNavis that appear in the real world. MegaMan also obtains the ability of DoubleSoul, which allows him to fuse with other NetNavis. A new form of NetNavi is also discovered called Darkloids: navis built from evil data. They elevate their powers with devilish DarkChips, which grant a NetNavi indescribable power, but at the cost of devouring their soul in darkness and wearing away at their physical being.moreless

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  • Quotes (115)

    • TorchMan: Blazes! What have you done, you meddling NetNavi?

    • Lan: So, you'll always be there to help me, no matter what? MegaMan: Just ask. Lan: Well, in that case, you can do my homework for tomorrow. And make it snappy. MegaMan: You'll never be an adventurer or a scientist if you don't do it yourself. Lan: Hey, have you been talking to my mom or what? I don't have to take this from you! You can be reprogrammed! MegaMan: Heh-heh, nice try, Lan. Better get started!

    • Lan: You ready, MegaMan? MegaMan: It's mega-time!

    • (MegaMan, Roll, and GutsMan appear in Maylu's Oven Network) MegaMan: Talk about a Firewall! Mr. Match: Well, blister me bagpipes. TorchMan, delete that annoying NetNavi. TorchMan: Consider him scorched!

    • Mr. Match: Your fire viruses were destroyed by a wee blue bug. Mr. Wily: Was it a do-gooder Net Agent that short-circuited my plans? Mr. Match: Nope... a NetNavi. I'd wager a cart full of kilts on it. Mr. Wily: Mr. Match, if he shows up again... I want you... to DELETE him. Mr. Match: Aye, Mr. Wily.

    • Roll: "Hey there, GutsMan. How's it rolling?" GutsMan: "Ooo. Dex likes Maylu. Wants to take her to movies, Guts." Roll: "Oh, come on, get real, GutsMan. She has piano lessons." GutsMan: "No... movie?" Roll: "No way!" GutsMan: "Hmm... then GutsMan want take Roll to movies!" Roll: "Wha--?"

    • MegaMan: "Hey, Lan. Do they actually let you have NetBattles at school?" Lan: "Not really, but if you don't tell anyone, I won't."

    • Lan: "Jack-in! MegaMan! Power-up!"

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    Notes (473)

    • The P.E.T. for the first two seasons was the second one in the manga. A different style one had a flip open panel with a keyboard on it and can be seen in the manga.

    • Edits in the English Version: World 3 cronies no longer say "Delete" as their signature departure phrase.

    • Lan mentions the N1 Grand Prix

    • Anime: In the show, Lan starts out with a standard Net Navi, then later recieves MegaMan as a present from his father. Game: Lan and MegaMan are already aquianted. Manga: Lan and Megaman are already together and we get to see when Lan got Megaman through a bonus chapter.

    • Edit in English Version: MegaMan's sword was blurred so that it did not appear sharp.

    • Mr. Wily and Mr. Match appear in this episode to become the first villains Lan and MegaMan confront.

    • Significant battles: MegaMan VS. GutsMan, MegaMan/GutsMan VS. TorchMan

    • Aired in Canada on September 5, 2003.

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    Trivia (38)

    • In the original version, TorchMan's name was FireMan, this was change due to September 11, 2001

    • Edit in English Version: Original opening theme is cut out, replaced by a barrage of random images and a techno background music.

    • This episode can be unlocked in the XBox version of the MegaMan Anniversary Collection, in the same way the first episode of the Ruby-Spears MegaMan series can be unlocked on the PS2 Version!

    • When Lan starts to insert a CyberSword battle chip in his second battle against Dex, he's actually holding a Blaster battle chip.

    • ElecMan's "Lightning Blast!" attack was changed to "Electric Blaze!"

    • Edits in the English Version: RockBuster simply becomes "Blaster".

    • Edits in the English Version: WackoMan's signature move "Tama!" no longer has a name.

    • Edits in the English Version: The Japanese text from Higure's Rare Chip Shop sign is removed.

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    Allusions (19)

    • In Megaman's PET throughout the series, there is yellow background and nunbers behind Megaman. When Lan had his first PET, which was not MegaMan, it was blue and had the words Rockman EXE, which is Japan's name for Megaman.

    • Lan's name: LAN, Hikari, and Inter-Netto
      The name Lan is a pun on the computer acronym LAN, which stands for Local Area Network. His Japanese name is Netto, which is a pun on Net (short for Internet). Finally, his surname, Hikari, is Japanese for "light." This is often considered a reference to the original MegaMan series's Dr. Light character. Ironically, Lan's grandfather, Tadashi Hikari, closely resembles Dr. Light.

    • Maylu's name: E-Maylu
      Maylu's name in the MegaMan Battle Network video-games is Mayl, which is a pun on Mail (referring to electronic mail, or more commonly known as E-mail).

    • Dex's name: In-Dex
      Dex's name is a pun on the term "Index," which is often the name of the main page of a website.

    • MegaMan and Roll's names: Rock 'n' Roll
      In Japan, MegaMan is known as Rockman. When Rockman was created in 1987, he was named after the music genre "rock." His sister was named Roll, thus making them "Rock and Roll." Though Rockman was renamed to MegaMan in English, in the original series, his name was still Rock before he became MegaMan. Many characters in the series continue to be named after musical terms, such as Bass, Tango, etc.

    • TorchMan's name: Fire Men
      In Japan, as well as in the MegaMan video-games, TorchMan is known as Fireman. ShoPro decided to rename Fireman in the anime in order to hide any references that might be made to actual fire fighters. Because of the September 11 incident, television content is a bit more touchy, and ShoPro didn't want any children to mistaken real-life fire men (specifically ones involved in 9/11) for "the bad guys."

    • Episode Title: "Ice Ice Baby!" "Ice Ice Baby" is the name of the famous 1990 song (of the same name) by Vanilla Ice.

    • Protomans partner, Shiningman, is based off of a 70s Japanese super hero, Rainbowman. While Rainbowman himself has seven forms, the one referenced in this episode is Sunman, his most used form

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    By Ajajatacos, Aug 21, 2014

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