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    By samanthacunliffe2, Apr 01, 2014

    have there only been one series of Mercy, ???? i really enjoyed it.... gutted if thats the end of it !!

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    nice !!!

    By PanosTselios, Oct 10, 2012

    nice !!!!!!!!!!

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    Great Series - but so painful for many

    By hotto1, May 13, 2012

    Veronica's demons did not go away. The love affair was just a side issue.

    Alert to what we have now --

    Large Homelessness in the returning "heroes"

    Massive Suicides - compared to anyone anytime anyplace.

    The series was too good - too honest.

    Thanks to everyone involved.

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    Terrible Ending

    By stephanieyeo, Feb 21, 2012

    I loved this show right up until the last five minutes. What a terrible ending!! Really, really depressing. Guillermo Diaz and James Tupper were fantastic on this show.

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    Veronica you are such a B_______. I thought you were back with Mike. You slept with the doctor and I can't forgive you for that. I wish you and the doc all the worst in real life.

    By scrab55, Jul 14, 2010

    NBC went against the people's wish for Mike and Veronica to get back together.

    You will lose a lot of viewers. There are plenty of other shows to choose from.

    I do not watch Mercy any more. I do not recommend this show to anyone any more. This site asks for too much comments. What's up with that. Most places you write short, a bit long or in between. I like all your other shows. I like all the Law and Order shows. At least I don't get personal with the characters for those shows. Don't know what else to say gotta get 100 words.moreless

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    The friendship of three nurses is spotlighted.Through their eyes we'll see life inside a hospital as it has never been seen before. The show also explores the personal lives of these three nurses and their relationship with the outside world.

    By anneso129, Jul 05, 2010

    I have discovered this show when it was broad-casted for the first time in France in June. And for once, it was possible to have the original version so that was nice to keep the integrity of the show. I usually quite like medical drama and this one is not bad. I don't think I will have watched it during it's broadcasting in the US, I would have wait till it came to France but it's a nice show. The medical part is not too much and it's different from others medical show because the nurses are the center of the show. yes, I know in Nurse Jackie the nurses have a center part but it's really different by the style of writing and filming. And we can go inside the life of the caracters who have a life outside the hospital and there are some people who are not from the medical profession like Veronica family (husband included) and Sonia's boyfriend.... Nice show, but sad that it was cancelled :((moreless

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    By Heptagram, Jun 04, 2010

    Mercy is a show about three nurses, Veronica Callahan, Sonia Jimenez and Chloe Payne, it has solid storyline even though I agree the story lines are moving a bit to fast, but, that is no reason to complain about the show, who cares if it is like Nurse Jackie, it's still good and you should be lucky yo have it. The people who attack Mercy are just upset about how ER is over and no new medical drama can fill it's spot, GET OVER IT. Mercy is good and you should watch it a give it more of a chance, you may even like it. =]moreless

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  • 9.5

    Great show, portraying the interesting nurse-patient, nurse-physican relationships and the lives behind these important members of the health care team.

    By jessika32, May 01, 2010

    As a nurse, I recognize that this is not the most medically correct show out there, but I think it does a great job of showing the interesting qualities of nurse-patient relationships and it does a great job of painting nurses in a light that shows they are not just passive followers of doctor's orders. You can say it's a copy of nurse Jackie, but having watched all episodes of both, this show definitely has a different and unique feel to it. From episode one, I was engaged with each of the characters and I hope that it's able to continue for another season!moreless

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    Psycologically damaged nurses act out and break the law while attmpting to bring insights and healing to the patients the treat.

    By mweratcliffe, May 01, 2010

    I'm not sure why we should care about these women. The two experienced nurses in the show seems to be damaged goods that you know the writer's want you to like but they give us very little reason to like them and very little reason to believe that they can be good nurses by continually acting out and outright breaking the law Ex: Throwing a cinder block through a car window and stealing drugs and performing medical acts in their kitchen in order to avoid reporting a GSW. The situations these characters find themselves in seem totally contrived, probably no more so than those on any other show but just more obviously so in order to show what terrible burdens they have o bear and to try to tell us that we should like these women just because of the burdens. Well, I don't like them because of the way the bear those burdens and I think that while some people may well respond to adversity in the ways that these women do, these kinds of response should not be shown as "normal" thereby encouraging others to react in the same unhealthy ways. Mercy: Heal thyself!moreless

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    Better than nothing...

    By jkwong2297, Dec 15, 2009

    When I was younger, someone told me that America did not have a caste system. I think there is and this is proof. The gold standard in medical TV drama today is Gray's Anatomy. It's not very realistic but it tries to push the borders of human behavior (on screen and off screen). Mercy is the second tier of the same kind of drama, like junior varsity of medical TV. In real life nurses are treated like second tier medical professionals too, but that's a topic for another place ;) After seeing the big chunk of this season's episodes, there is nothing special about this show. There is plenty of pretty, skinny, people and a few classic stereotypes. This is a nurse oriented drama, but most of the time in real life nurses spend most of the time nurses do paperwork (doctors too) and that's not fun to watch. So their social lives are the focus. Nothing is new that hasn't been covered in hundreds of soap operas though. I think I watch this because it's the best thing to watch in its time slot. Thanks for not falling asleep...moreless

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