Arthur's Bane Part 1

Season 5, Ep 1, Aired 10/6/12
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  • Episode Description
  • Camelot has flowered and basks in a new Golden Age but at the same time destruction is being sown in the frozen wastelands of the North where men are disappearing without a trace.King Arthur and his knights ride out in search of answers undertaking a dangerous mission into the unknown.As the sun sets on the icy plains it is Merlin who finds himself trapped in a battle unlike any he has fought before: a battle with Fate itself.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Colin Morgan


  • Richard Wilson (III)


  • Angel Coulby

    Gwen (Guinevere)

  • Katie McGrath


  • Bradley James (II)

    Arthur Pendragon

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (33)

    • Arthur: The Queen can't just disappear.
      Merlin: Well, where is she?
      Arthur: That's what I sent you to find out!
      Merlin: Do you know how big this castle is?
      Arthur: Funnily enough, I do.
      Merlin: Then perhaps you should have a look.

    • Arthur: Merlin, is there anything you're actually capable of doing?
      Merlin: Putting up with you.

    • Arthur: Noble Knights of Camelot, countrymen, friends, I welcome you to this meeting of the Round Table. For three long years, we have been blessed with peace and prosperity. But now, it seems a shadow has been cast across our lands. Sir Gwaine set off for Ismere some six weeks ago. With him went three score of our finest men. There has been no word from them since. At my request, Sir Elyan led a search party to the wastelands of the north. He found no trace of Gwaine or his men. It is as if they have vanished from the face of the Earth.

    • Ruadan: The prophecies do not lie. Arthur's bane is real. Once it is known to us, his end is nigh.
      Morgana: So you keep saying, yet you cannot tell me what it is.
      Ruadan: The Diamair will tell us. The Diamair is the key to all knowledge.
      Morgana: Then where is this key?
      Ruadan: It is here, beneath your feet.
      Morgana: For three months we've been searching and what have we found? Nothing.
      Ruadan: It is but a moment compared to the eternity of knowledge the key will bring.

    • Ruadan: Patience is the stepping stone to wisdom, Morgana.
      Morgana: You think I don't know that after all I've been through? For two long years, I saw nothing but darkness. Patience and I are old friends.

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    Notes (40)

    • Series 5 is the one with more green screen and post-production work.

    • Since for series 5 the cast and crew only filmed on location at Pierrefonds twice, scenes from 6 different episodes were shot at the same time.

    • According to the producers, this series gives Angel Coulby the opportunity to do show her acting credentials like never before in the show.

    • There was a conscious desire not to dramatize the establishing of the Round Table because it had already been done in episode 3x13 The Coming Of Arthur, Part 2.

    • The falling snow was added in post-production. It's trickier than it seems because some factors like the direction of the wind have to be taken into account.

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    Trivia (11)

    • Goof: Ravens aren't night birds.

    • Goof: The dead animals in the trap are hares and not rabbits.

    • Goof: Merlin leaves Camelot on a light brown horse only to be seen riding a dark brown one for the rest of the episode.

    • The Druid symbol on Lochru's wrist and Ruadan's neck resembles the one seen in other Druids before (Freya's right arm, Mordred's chest and Iseldir's).

    • Queen Annis refers to Merlin as Arthur's 'fool'. In episode 4x05 His Father's Son, Arthur excused Merlin's reckless behavior in front of Annis by calling him 'a simple-minded fool'.
      Since that first and eventful meeting they have become allies.

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