Arthur's Bane Part 2

Season 5, Ep 2, Aired 10/13/12
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  • Episode Description
  • Merlin fears that the ancient prophecies about Mordred might come true as even he is not able to sway Arthur from his chosen path. Alone and close to exhaustion, Merlin and Arthur struggle to carry on as dawn breaks across the icy tundra. With each tortured step bringing them ever nearer to the looming fortress of Ismere, Merlin's fear intensifies. What are Mordred's real intentions? And what powerful secrets are Morgana and the druid Ruadan interested in finding amongst its twisted catacombs? It might be that this time not even Merlin can prevent Arthur from stepping right into the lion's den… for only one thing seems certain in such bleak and transient wilderness: the great trial for Albion has finally begun.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Colin Morgan


  • Richard Wilson (III)


  • Angel Coulby

    Gwen (Guinevere)

  • Katie McGrath


  • Bradley James (II)

    Arthur Pendragon

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    By JDML23, Nov 03, 2012

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (35)

    • Morgana: Aithusa... come. Come here. Don't worry. We're safe. No harm can come to us now. Our troubles are all in the past, I promise (Aithusa comes closer and rests her head on Morgana's bed) Soon we will have the Diamair. Soon we will know Arthur's Bane. Camelot will be ours.

    • Arthur: Remind me, Merlin: how did we end up like this? Oh, yes. You were thinking about your stomach, as usual. I told you it was a trap.
      Merlin: And I told you to go back to Camelot.
      Arthur: Merlin!

    • (About the prisoners and particularly concerned about Merlin and Arthur)
      Mordred: Maybe we should feed them.
      Ragnor: What for?
      Mordred: They'll be skin and bones.
      Ragnor: Morgana wants slaves, not hogs for the fire.
      Mordred: Then, slow the pace.
      Ragnor: The quicker we get there, the quicker I get my money.

    • (Mordred feeds Merlin and Arthur behind Ragnor's back)
      Merlin: Why are you doing this?
      Mordred: He once saved my life. I owe him a debt. Don't be so quick to judge me. You fear me, Emrys, don't you? I know the hatred and suspicion with which men treat those with magic. You and I are not so different. I too have learned to hide my gifts. I promise... your secret is safe with me.

    • Merlin: What's Morgana looking for in Ismere?
      Mordred: The Diamair.
      Merlin: What's that?
      Mordred: In the language of my people, it means 'The Key'.
      Merlin: The key to what?
      Mordred: The key to all knowledge...

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    Notes (31)

    • Alexander Vlahos couldn't eat any of the food in his plate during his dinner scene with Morgana as most of the food was fake so he just chewed a bit of bread and pretended to eat some chicken.

    • Justin Molotnikov, the episode director, played Aithusa for Katie McGrath to help her with her scenes with the dragon.

    • The snow landscape scenes, shot at Trefil Quarry, were filmed in a very small area covered in fake snow so the actors had to keep going back and walking over the very same spot once and again.

    • The cast who got to work with Stephen McCole (Ragnor) cracked up around the actor.

    • The scene where Mordred offers bread to Merlin was filmed just before dark although it appears to be early morning.

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    Trivia (12)

    • Goof: The bread that Mordred eats and gives to Merlin is white bread. This is anachronistic, as only the highest nobility could have afforded white bread. Furthermore, it required milling and cooking skills that wouldn't be available to slave traders or commoners.

    • Gaius tells Gwen that 'there are those who believe that Arthur is destined to die by a Druid's hand' and Merlin tells Gaius that the Great Dragon said that 'Arthur would meet his end at the hands of a Druid'. However, both in episode 1x08 The Beginning Of The End and episode 2x11 The Witch's Quickening the Great Dragon made clear that he was talking about Mordred and not just any Druid.

    • Despite (supposedly being asleep) Arthur can be seen closing his eyes half way through the scene where Mordred brings Merlin food and they talk about magic.

    • Goof: As they escape captivity, Arthur steals a sword and crossbow from Ragnor and Merlin steals an axe and some arrows. However, as they run towards the ice ledge Arthur is carrying the arrows. Morever, he shifts them and his sword from his left hand to his right hand several times during the running away.

    • Arthur loses his voiders (arm armour piece) and hauberk (chest armour piece) from the moment that Ragnor captures him (actually from the end of episode 5x01 Arthur's Bane Part 1 to the beginning of this one).

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    • meganestephen Apr 29, 2014

      I'm a little confused. Didn't Merlin take Morgana's magic from her at the end of season 4?. How did she get it back, or was it just a temporary thing?

    • nilla_chelle01 Oct 17, 2012

    • TrueTvWatcher Oct 14, 2012

      Ancient Aliens on Merlin!

    • TrueTvWatcher Oct 14, 2012