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  • 9.0

    Great show Bad ending

    By 28eswan, Aug 02, 2015

    Love love loved this show! I was (and still) addicted to it.

    But there's just one thing---the ENDING!

    Firstly Arthur dies -sad. Secondly, Merlin never fulfills his destiny - so really the entire series is pointless since it was all leading up to him reuniting the kingdoms and restoring magic which we never got to see because it didn't even happen.

    And something that has really bothered me since --- If Merlin called the dragon earlier then Arthur wouldn't have died. It seemed like they were in a rush to end the series that they didn't care about these plot-holes.

    Anyway, other than that, great show.moreless

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  • 8.0

    I thought it would be more!

    By eddieleon7946, Feb 16, 2015

    The show was GREAT!! but, they killed off Authur way to soon and magic was never restored and you never really saw the peaceful and glorious reign of King Authur. Uther's reign was brighter than Authur. I know he had to deal with Morgona but, Authur rule was some what dark and empty. Authur ruled only 3 years, 5 at the most, really! Ending was premuture but over all, I loved the show and wished it lasted much longer.

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    Wish they would start this up again.

    By vamorse, Jan 14, 2015

    I would love to see this program continued. Very entertaining.

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  • 7.0

    Bad! bad! ending

    By rankimg_tei, Dec 13, 2014

    the producers could have done so much more with those last episodes.. but killing people off like that.. that's not cool

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    Good But Bad. Pissed Off.

    By carlyskittle3, Oct 30, 2014

    All The Episodes Were Perfect From Season 1 Through Season 5 And A Half.. Why?

    Well Because For Some Reason The Ending Didn't Make Any Sense And What A Crappy Ending.. Did They Not Want To Make More Episodes? Were They Lazy To? They Could Have Made AtLeast 7 Seasons.. There Was Enough To Make 7 Seasons.. I Mean Like Really?

    At The End..

    1. Authur Doesn't Relive.

    2. The Girl ( High Priest ) ( Forgot Her Name.. ) Doesn't Know Merlin Is The Old Version Of Him..

    3. What The Hell Happens To The Damn White Rare Dragon?

    4. Why Doesn't He Keep The White Dragon?

    5. Why Is The White Dragon Sick And Frail?

    6. Why Doesn't The Whole Camelot Find Out.. That He Has Magic And The Savior?

    7. Why Doesn't Magic Return To The Land? The Correct Way.. ( Why Don't It Show It?! )

    8. Why Doesn't Authur Know That Merlin Has Been Saving His Ass The Entire Fricking 5 Seasons..

    9. Why Are There Only 13 Episodes For Each Season And Not 18 - 25

    10. Why Doesn't Merlin Find Any Love? Why Aint There

    11. Why Is Merlin So Fugly? I Mean Like Litterly? The Evil Dude ( The Little Kid / That Killed Authur ) When Hes All Grown Up Is Like 100 Times Sexier Than Him..

    12. What Happens To Everyone? What Happens To The Old Dude.. The Queen... And I Mean Like Theirs No Death Or GoodByes.

    At The End... He Is Like A Hobo.. And Has No Where To Live... And Its Like Around The 2000 - 2014.

    You Get My Point Fricking Horrible Ending!



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  • 2.0

    Butchered the mythology

    By jasten, Aug 01, 2014

    I'm not going to go long.. but once I hit the 3rd season and they were still pulling the trite and unskilled "o look, somehow no one notices anything" BS I finally had to spoil myself and then laughed before getting pissed that a bunch of hacks were allowed to butcher the mythology of Arthur and Merlin... two years of the games I could take, but when it just kept going and keeps going til the bloody end of the normal myth then it's just time to admit it's utter crap by any standards. There is no defending this show at this point... too many screw ups with the major points of mythology and characters, especially the bond and understanding between Merlin and Arthur... and I thought the more equal friends route could be good. Too bad they hired a bunch of idiots that couldn't actually understand the mythology at all.moreless

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    My only wish...

    By smoffs, Dec 28, 2013

    that we had more time when Arthur knew Merlin's true identity. But pretty much my favorite show of all time. I particularly recommend it if you enjoy bromance!

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    Best Show Ever!

    By LisaMarieMusic, Nov 03, 2013

    I love everything about this show. This is my favorite show of all time, my friends and I actually dressed up as the characters from Merlin for Halloween, it was pretty awesome. I wish there were more seasons of this show, but overall I am very happy with it.

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    Merlin ending

    By stephaniegalvin7, Oct 01, 2013

    To be honest this was one of the best shows I've seen in a long time and I though the ending was perfect. Although the show didn't stick to the legend exactly it did always stick to the basics and unfortunately who dies and by whose hand is one of those things they have to follow. It was heart wrenching but I think that everything happened when it was supposed to, had Merlin told Arthur sooner he would have been kicked out of the kingdom and unable to help Arthur in the future. I think that Arthur and Merlin did build a better Albion and gave it better people to lead (Gwen and the Knights). Just because the end of a show makes you sad doesn't mean it was bad, it made you feel something and that makes it good TV.moreless

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  • 8.5

    A great show

    By ElenaIvanaj, Sep 26, 2013

    It was a truly great show, and the ending was spectacular!


    Most people miss the whole point of the ending, mostly because most people dnt know the true legend. Arthur was supposed to die by mordred's hand since the very beginning. Merlin does not die, and Arthur never comes "back to life" as most people think (at least for the present day *winkwink*). The ending was really beautiful though, and the fact that it stayed pretty close to the legend made it even better. I don't think the ending was rushed at all, and the fact that merlin told Arthur the truth the very end made it even more emotional, especially because if he didn't, Arthur would have had to kill Merlin (according to the law).

    Overall, great show! And even though the seasons has its ups and downs and sometimes the stories become repetitive and it's hard to watch, the ending is really worth it! :Dmoreless

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