The Sword In The Stone Part 2

Season 4, Ep 13, Aired 12/24/11
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  • Episode Description
  • After Morgana and Helios' successful alliance, Camelot is once again in the sorceress' hands while Arthur and Merlin become outlaws on the run. They find themselves in a desperate situation, trapped in Ealdor and with a ruthless army closing in. Arthur must assume control before Camelot is lost forever but his conviction is lost in the face of Agravaine's betrayal and the strength of Morgana's force. Once again, it comes down to Merlin to restore Arthur's faith with an extraordinary act that will prove to the King that he was born to rule. Will the young warlock be able to convince Arthur before all dreams of Albion fall to pieces?moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Colin Morgan


  • Richard Wilson (III)


  • Angel Coulby

    Gwen (Guinevere)

  • Bradley James (II)

    Arthur Pendragon

  • Katie McGrath


  • Fan Reviews (10)
  • Merlin rules

    By Sabretruthtiger, Aug 05, 2012

  • I feel as if the story is not progressing!

    By agrepina82, Jan 15, 2012

  • Good finale

    By Danny2312, Jan 11, 2012

  • The Sword In Stone Part II

    By Starlight_23456, Jan 09, 2012

  • longer seasons?

    By foofersgod, Jan 01, 2012

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (37)

    • Arthur: Did you lose them?
      Merlin: We're safe.
      Arthur: You're sure?
      Merlin: Do I look like an idiot?
      Arthur: Yes.
      Merlin: He doesn't change, does he?

    • Arthur: Which way now? I thought you said you grew up in these tunnels!
      Merlin: I did! It's just it could be that way.
      Arthur: Or it could be that way.
      Merlin: Yes.
      Arthur: That's very reassuring.

    • Tristan: You know Arthur?
      Gwen: I was a servant in Camelot.
      Tristan: To Arthur?
      Gwen: No.
      Tristan: So why are you here?
      Gwen: He's my King.
      Tristan: Can't say I've detected many kingly qualities so far.
      Gwen: Well, maybe you don't know him.

    • Tristan: It won't take long for them to catch us.
      Merlin: I'll go back.
      Arthur: What are you going to do?
      Merlin: Create a diversion.
      Arthur: That's too risky.
      Merlin: I know these tunnels, Agravaine doesn't. You keep going.
      Arthur: Merlin. Don't do anything stupid.
      Merlin: Me?

    • Agravaine: You have magic!
      Merlin: I was born with it.
      Agravaine: So it's you. You're Emrys.
      Merlin: That is what the druids call me.
      Agravaine: And you've been at court all this time, eh? At Arthur's side. How you've managed to deceive him. I am impressed, Merlin. Perhaps we are more alike than you think.

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    Notes (8)

    • Also Known As:
      France: L'Épée Dans La Pierre, Deuxième partie.
      Germany: Das Schwert im Stein, Teil 2.
      Italy: La Spada Nella Roccia (2ª parte).
      Poland: Miecz w kamieniu: cz��� druga.
      Portugal: A Espada Na Pedra Part 2.

    • International Air Dates:
      Australia: January 8th, 2012 on Ten.
      Canada: April 1st, 2012 on Space.
      France: April 13th, 2012 on Canal + Family.
      Germany: March 28th, 2012 on Super RTL.
      Italy: September 26th, 2012 on Italia 1.
      Sweden: December 1st, 2012 on SVT2.
      Turkey: May 13, 2012 on CNBC-e.
      USA: March 30th, 2012 on Syfy.

    • According to Colin Morgan the best scene he filmed with Bradley James in series 4 is the one where Excalibur is pulled out of the stone.

    • This episode is Colin Morgan's favourite of series 4 together with episode 4x09 Lancelot Du Lac.

    • This episode consists of two parts albeit either part is scripted by a different writer.
      This is the fifth time that a two parter episode is featured in Merlin (the first time being episode 2x05 Beauty and the Beast – Part One and episode 2x06 Beauty and the Beast – Part Two, the second being episode 3x01 The Tears Of Uther Pendragon Part 1 and episode 3x02 The Tears Of Uther Pendragon Part 2, the third time being episode 3x12 The Coming Of Arthur, Part 1 and episode 3x13 The Coming Of Arthur, Part 2 and the fourth time being episode 4x01 The Darkest Hour, Part 1 and 4x02 The Darkest Hour, Part 2.
      Series 4 is the second one to begin and end with a two parter episode after series 3.

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    Trivia (7)

    • Gwen's coronation scene is different from the one that can be seen through Morgana's prophetic dream in episode 3x10 Queen Of Hearts.

    • The intro of the episode consists of previously seen scenes from episode 4x12 The Sword in the Stone Part 1.

    • This is the third time that a straw doll is used as an instrument of magic in the show. In episode 1x01 The Dragon's Call Mary Collins uses one to perform voodoo and kill Lady Helen of Mora and in episode 3x08 The Eye Of The Phoenix Morgana uses one as a likeliness of Arthur to bind the magic of a enchanted bracelet to him. In this episode, Merlin uses it to remove Morgana's magic from her.

    • This episode marks the return of Excalibur. It was first seen in episode 1x09 Excalibur and then in episode 3x13 The Coming Of Arthur, Part 2. The sword has not been referred to as 'Excalibur' in either.

    • Footage from episode 2x13 The Last Dragonlord (used in the scene where the dragon exhales fires on Arthur and his knights when they fight him on the castle battlements) and from3x01 The Tears Of Uther Pendragon Part 1 (used in the scene where the dragon exhales fire on the Serkets) is used in the scene where the dragon exhales fire on Agravaine and his men.

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