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  • Pickles: Guys, seriously, think about this for second - what am I supposed to do without booze? It's my whole life! Nathan: You could eat an apple, you could always eat an apple, instead of drinking. Skwisgaar: You cans try, instead of doings drugs, jackings off while yous chokes yourselfs with a leather belts around your throats, close to the points of death. Nathan: Yeah - that's a natural high. Murderface: Yeah, that's good, clean fun. I do it every morning. Offdensen: Okay guys, I really, really don't want to promote auto-erotic asphyxiation - Murderface: Gaah! Live a little bit! Offdensen: - it's an embarrassing death, you always have to colour it differently in the media. Murderface: I think it's an awesome death. Nathan: ****ing badass death! Toki: Yeah, it's better than blowing up in the Space Shuttle!

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  • Songs: "Reborn", "Gotta Get Clean", "Saddest Day in the World", "Way to be Saved" and "Danger"