Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (3)

  • Mike Hammer (voice over): The Beckers! I felt sick, like someone hit me square in the gut with a shovel. Who would want to hurt these two sweet people?

  • Mike Hammer: "If my daughter dies, I'll be a raving lunatic, Pal!"
    Mike Hammer: "I wish You had."
    Daughter: "I did!"

  • Carl Durant:: Drop it, Hammer! Drop it! Drop it. Should've known that you'd be here.
    Mike Hammer:: How is Boston, Carl?
    Carl Durant:: Shut up! I want the book.
    Mike Hammer:: You're not alone, pal.
    Carl Durant: : I'm serious, Hammer. Where's the book?
    Mike Hammer:: Why are you so interested in Johnny Roman's diary?
    Carl Durant: : Johnny Roman didn't have a diary. I'm talking about the account book.
    Mike Hammer:: Account book?
    Carl Durant:: Account book, yeah! Where's Helen? Helen! (opening the door to the boat's cabin with a booby trap inside it and the entire boat explodes)(screams)

Notes (4)

  • In this episode, Hammer is engaged in a running gun battle in a large parking lot for city buses. At one point, he dives from the roof of one bus into the window of an adjacent bus. As he gets to his feet, we see Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLuise sitting in the rear of the bus. Without hesitation, Hammer (Stacey Keach) continues to dive out another window on the other side of the bus and the action continues. Reynolds and DeLuise are not credited and are never seen before or after this scene, so I can only imagine that they were there as a surprise prank on Keach. I further imagine that when Keach kept his composure and continued the action, the scene was left as is for the humor and something to talk about the next day. JJR

  • Show title changes to "The New Mike Hammer."

  • Episode title is name of theme music for series as well.

  • Reveals the identity of The Face.

Trivia (6)

  • Tanya Roberts was offered the role of Velda in the series, but turned it down.

  • This show (about the fashion industry) was worked on by, as I recall, three sets of different staff writers/producers on Hammer. By the time it was shot, on the script there were something approximating 15-25 'participating writers' listed -- an incredible (and incredibly silly) number of people, even by flexible TV standards. I was one of them -- and even I don't remember who got the final screen credit!

  • A script long in development, by the time it was produced there were something like 14-17 participating writers listed on the script cover (though most, properly went uncredited) -- possibly a record for a one hour epsiode.

  • The shootout with the bad guy was shot in the lobby of a building in Culver City owned at the time by MGM -- even though Hammer was a Columbia show, usually shot at The Burbank Studios, which was once (and is now again) the Warner Brothers lot. And MGM's lot was bought by Sony, which by then owned Columbia, and which now has bought MGM. So what went around came around. Are you dizzy? I am.

  • The onscreen writer credit was actually not 'Paul Diamond' but 'Paul Bentley Diamond' -- writer Diamond wanted his middle name used as a tribute to his 98 year old grandmother Ruth Bentley.

  • Though Lynda Carter and Jim Carrey were not in this television film together, they both portrayed DC comic book characters. Carter starred as Wonder Woman in a television series of the same name and Carrey starred in "Batman Forever" as The Riddler.