Mighty Ducks


Season 1, Ep 11, Aired 10/19/96
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  • Episode Description
  • The show starts with two factory workers making comments about their "cushy" job a blast crumbles a wall, enter Dr. Droid shooting at the workers after setting his plans in motion the ducks arrive to stop him. A fight ensues with nosedive being his hot-dogging self almost gets himself blown up with the a mini missile giving Dr. Droid time to escape. after tracking a signal they find another mediocre villain named Mind-bender after tying up That loose end they went to their game. at the game nosedive doing the exact same thing that made them loose Dr. Droid almost cost them the game but thanks to a spectacular save by Wildwing they take the game. At their headquarters they find out that Dr. Droid was a robotics engineer named Otto Maton. Then Tanya played a message left by Droid taunting the ducks to stop him from robbing the museum. At the museum Droid ambushes the ducks blasting Nosedive Grin and Tanya he escapes with the Crystal of Atlantis. At the pond they discover that the trio is shrinking buy the minute. while the remaining three goes after Droid and the shrinking ray Nosedive and co. are "benched". after Tanya suggested that they go to the museum to find out what Droid actually stoled, we immediate learn that Grin cannot drive. When they arrive at the museum they are chased by a stray cat while Nosedive and Grin distract the cat Tanya grabbed the chip of the crystal but nosedive managed to chase the cat away with a tear gas puck. At the manufacturing plant Wildwing, Mallory, and Duke face-off against the devastator robot built by the Robotic doctor. Wildwing sends Duke to pull the heist of his life to get the ray from Droid while he and Mallory distract the robot. After a run-in with a Black widow spider Nosedive and Co. arrive at the factory and got inside the robot. Duke had gotten the ray but it turned out to be a fake while Droid had the real one ready to fire at the ducks. A timely shot from the robot stop the attack and chased Droid back into the factory. Mallory realized the voice coming from the robot is Nosedives. After some minor repairs to the ray Nosedive,Tanya and Grin were returned to normal and along with the others they defeat Dr. Droid.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Brad Garrett (I)


  • Dennis Franz

    Captain Klegghorn

  • Clancy Brown


  • Tim Curry

    Lord Dragaunus

  • Ian Ziering


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  • Quotes (5)

    • Mallory: Criminals always return to the scene of the crime. Duke: Yeah, only the rookies, sweetheart.

    • Nosedive: Okay big brother. Let's drop this heavy metal freakola.

    • Grin: Nothing like spritual living. Nosedive: And a good right hook.

    • Dr. Droid: Well, well, its seems you're three ducks "short". WildWing: Cut the wisecracks, Droid. Give us the ray.

    • Nosedive: Forget it man, I'm gonna bodycheck that metal maniac myself. Wildwing: Nosedive, no!

    Notes (1)

    • This was the very first episode ever written.

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