Monster Rally

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Quotes (7)

  • Nosedive: I'm guessing Daddy-o has had one cup of expresso too many.

  • Dragster: Man, those are some swinging sparrows. Nosedive: Ducks, you goat-t'ed geek! Daddy-O: You pelicans won't stop me. Wildwing: That's DUCKS!

  • Tanya: Get moving, we're sitting...well you know.

  • Daddy-o: Now to grove-afy these geese. Nosedive: That's ducks "Creep-pick" and we're gonna stop you before you... uh, what is it your planning to do here anyway?

  • Dragtser: When you take the dip, you come out hip. Digger: Your body mutates and your mind is freed man. Nosedive: If he starts reciting poetry, I'm gonna scream.

  • Daddy-o: Soon you pigeons will be square no more. Nosedive: That's ducks, Bongo-Breath.

  • (At the pond the ducks make repairs on the migrator) Phil: Wildwing, Boobala.... Wildwing: No!!!! Phil: What do ya? No you haven't heard the deal yet. Wildwing: Read my beak.