Mighty Max

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Quotes (106)

  • Max: Don't mess with Mighty Max, you big bozo!

  • Skullmaster: You can't escape. I'll rip your limbs from your body, and slowly suck the marrow from your bones!

  • Virgil: Every person has a gift, and in their gift, lies their destiny. You Mighty Max are a hero, and you have been chosen to wear the last cosmic cap to victory. As such, you the wearer of the cap have access to the long lost transport of the gods.

  • Max: Okay, what's this all about, and how come you look like... a chicken? Virgil: My name is Virgil and I'm a fowl, not a chicken.

  • Skullmaster: At last, the Chosen One. Turn around, so I may see you. Max: No, no don't tell me. Let me guess: Skullmaster, right? Skullmaster: You're the Chosen One? Prophesied to destroy me? You're a worm... an insect... a nothing! Max: Hey! Don't get me steamed, bonehead, or I'll gnaw you're ankles off. (whispers to himself) Gee, if I sounded tough enough. Skullmaster: 5,000 years of anger and fear, and now I find you are... not at all.

  • Virgil: Stop! Look at your cap. This is the gateway to Skull Mountain! Max: In my basement? Virgil: What better place? You are the Chosen One.

  • Skullmaster: What has happened? The Chosen One could have done this. He's coming, as prophesied... to destroy me, and I'm so close to release. Go! Find him first, and bring me his beating heart, and I'll eat it raw!

  • Virgil: I am very wise, and shall instruct you in the ways of being a hero. My specialty! Max: Great, a chicken teaching me to be brave.

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Notes (96)

  • Virgil's means of summoning: Max's cap is placed within a statue that gets mailed to him with a message.

  • Educational epilogue: The Taj Mahal.

  • Tim Curry (Skullmaster) and Charlie Adler (Ernie) would later co-star together in the animated series, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters!.

  • Virgil's means of summoning: Sending a paper airplane message. A portal is in school locker 207.

  • Educational Epilogue: Grand Unification Theory

  • Bea kissed Max for the first time.

  • Although Virgil and Norman are not in this episode, Max does receive a message from Virgil, and he mentions Norman.

  • Educational epilogue: The Pyramid of Cheops.

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Trivia (39)

  • Ravendark refers to Skullmaster as Loki who is the Norse god of mischief.

  • Thor's hammer is supposed to magically return to his hand after being thrown. It noticeably does not when Norman chucks it into the ocean.

  • When charging into the gorilla army, several of the humans are shown wielding stone maces. Where did they get those, if they were too scared of the gorillas to stand up to them until Max came along?

  • Although the excavators were wearing heavy parkas and mittens, tee-shirt clad Max seems unaffected by the cold air in the mountains.

  • Norman is from the Norselands, according to Axeman Cometh. How did his father's axe end up in Colorado?

  • What is it about Spike that Max can use an electromagnet to pick him up? Does he have metal skin or something? {Answer: His armor, obviously.}

  • How does Spike find Norman? And how does he get from Colorado, to Max's town, and back so fast? It's not like he has access to the portals.

  • In the beginning, Virgil says the world is in immediate danger. The adventure shown in this episode is unplanned, and was basically a distraction from whatever task Virgil had in mind. So what is it that needed to be done in the first place, and how come nothing horrible happened without it being done? The next episode makes no reference to that issue either.

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Allusions (22)

  • Title: Let Sleeping Dragons Lie! The title of this episode is a play on the phrase, "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie."

  • Max mentions "Puff the Magic Dragon", which was a popular song by Peter, Paul and Mary.

  • Planet of the Apes This episode takes much inspiration from the film Planet of the Apes. Specifically, the idea of a society of talking apes who enslave humans that lack the ability to speak.

  • 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea The title, and indeed a good bit of the plot, are taken from the Jules Verne novel "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea". Max even makes a reference to Captain Nemo, the main character of the book.

  • The Oil Tycoon looked very similar to Colonel Sanders from Kentucky Fried Chicken.

  • Max: Those who can - do; those who can't - hide! A proverb quoted in different variations. It basically goes along the lines of "Those who can - do; those who cannot - teach". Sometimes followed by "Those who cannot teach - preside".

  • Max: Thank you, Socrates. According to Plato, when Socrates was imprisoned and awaiting his death sentence, he had a conversation with another inmate, who believed he can break them both out of the dungeon. Socrates turned his suggestion down, and convinced him that breaking out of jail - even if you're innocent and have been wrongly accused, or if the law is unjust - is always wrong.

  • The Thing This episode borrows its plot greatly from John Carpenter's 1982 film The Thing, which is about an Alaskan base invaded by an doppelganger alien whose only weakness is heat.

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