Mighty Orbots

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    13 episodes???

    By Falconhood, Jan 26, 2007

    i LOVED this cartoon! the transforming scenes were always different, and so 3-D. The characters weren't all broody and serious, they had personalities. I always wished they made toys of this series, but when i found out that only 13 episodes were ever made, i was surprised. Upon researching, i found that it had something to do with a license dispute. that stinks, since the cartoon deserved MANY more years. The art was absolutely fantastico. The music stuck with me for decades. Boo and Bo were so sexy, for robots, and i loved how they all had super powers. BRING the series back!!!moreless

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    Disney/Japan co-creation?

    By Knyte77, Oct 08, 2006

    Wow. Not many people remember The Mighty Orbots, but I sure do. Aired on ABC, this was one of the "big robot" genre shows that originally aired in the US but was animated in Japan. The animation was superb for a television show. Featuring five robots named Tor, Bort, Bo, Bo, Ono, and Crunch. When they combined, they formed a very cool-looking, giant robot that could fight. The giant robot theme was very popular in the early 80s, thanks to that theme being big in the late 70s Japan animantion. Unfortunately the show only had 12 episodes due to a lawsuit threatened by Tonka for alleged copyright infringement (GoBots) but I felt it then and I feel it now: GoBots sucked, and appealed to the less intelligent children out there. And it failed miserably for the much better conceived Transformers. And yes, I felt this way even at the tender ages of 7 through 9 yrs old. Now its time to bring the Orbots back. I believe Disney now has the rights....moreless

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    Deserved more respect!

    By enervator, May 08, 2006

    Despite the fact that it ran a measly 13 episodes, Mighty Orbots remains one of my all-time shows. I've always loved the combining robot concept, and these guys did it great. It was great having each Orbot have its own, unique personality, and their combined form was out of this world!

    I don't know if it was a bigger crime that this show didn't get a second season or that they never bothered to make a toy for Mighty Orbots. Today they would have released the toy no matter how good or bad the series did, but clearly that wasn't the case back then. Too bad, too, because I'd love to see a Mighty Orbots toy up on the shelf next to my Transformers.

    This show deserved better. It had great animation, great characters, and a great storyline. It should have at least had a second season...in fact, as far as I'm concerned that show should still be going on now. It really is a crime that we got such a small taste of what by all rights should be considered one of the classic animated series of our time.moreless

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