Mike Hammer (1958)

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Quotes (7)

  • Mike: (narration) I let Babe do the talking. I wasn't sure why I didn't tell what I knew. Maybe it was because I knew too much, and I'm the kind of a guy who likes to be sure that all the lyrics have been written before I start to sing.

  • Mike: (to Ginger after she displays her ample cleavage) You know, honey, you gotta be very careful. You know, with you, a chest cold could be a very serious matter.

  • Mike: (narration) The Central called itself a "theatrical hotel." I knew it for what it really was. Its reputation smelled as bad as the cheap disinfectant it used.

  • Mike: (voice-over narration) Joyce struck me as the type who might flip and strangle Ruby, or beat her brains in. I couldn't see her using a weapon.

  • Mike: (voice-over narration) The next day I went back to the theater to find out a little more about a choice item Hugo had dropped about another very noisy visitor Ruby had had earlier. I no longer had a client, and maybe I should have been minding my own business, but, brother, when I get curious...

  • Mike: (narration) Sparks was right. Somebody had to believe him. He was being framed with all the tender, loving care of a a newly-discovered van Gogh.

  • Mike: (narration) The sheriff's name was Jenkins. He was about as hospitable as an Arctic winter, and getting any information from him was like pulling rusty nails from a 2x4.

Notes (4)

  • Eleanore Tanin was credited as Eleanore E. Tanin.

  • Director Boris Sagal is the father of actress Katie Sagal of Married....with Children and 8 Simple Rules fame.

  • Reaired 31Dec59.

  • Reaired 17Dec59

Trivia (10)

  • Mike knew Della back when she was just Gladys Burns from the lower East Side.

  • Mike Hammer refers to himself as Michael when calling himself "Michael on the spot."

  • Pat Chambers was going to be Mike's best man.

  • Mike and Kathy were planning a civil ceremony in Judge Anderson's chamber.

  • The bookie's name is Moxie. Alec Dobbler is a small time hood who has it out for Hammer.

  • Mike Hammer is rusty but knows how to ice skate.

  • Mike receives an eviction notice in the mail.

  • Jack Slade and Sam Oxman sail on a ship named the Moonwind.

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