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    SO FRIKIN' 90s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By NostalgiaFaggot, Aug 05, 2014


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    This is one of best classic cartoons.

    By sonic__323, Aug 15, 2008

    I saw this show when I was young and I have to say this is actually a great show. This show is about a girl named Mike that is stranded on an island. Mike ends up making friends with people on the island. Mike hangs out with a girl named Lu and a boy named Og. This show was funny and cool but it sucks that it ended so quickly, if only these kind of classic cartoons could come back that would be nice because the cartoons they are making right now suck except for a few. If you want to see this show it's on Boomerang.moreless

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    When this show was still new it was my favorite cartoon and I had to watch it every time it was on. ^^

    By puffyflower334, Sep 30, 2007

    This show was cute and fun. ^^It was simple, the animation was different, and the humor was simple and funny, but that all made it great!One of the great things about the cartoons on Cartoon Network from around when this show was made was that they were not horribly childish and immature and had original animation and humor.I don't remember any butt jokes from this show which is a VERY good thing considering today's cartoons...I loved this show a lot....and I wish the channel would be smart enough to release the show on DVD considering they could fit the entire series into a small box set.>,> I hope someday this show will get some more credit and some more fans.

    If it doesn't...then I hope a fan someday is in control of releasing Cartoon Network's DVDs ^^moreless

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    Damn, I wish, just wish, that this show would come back on cn. I remember when Cartoon Network was first coming out, so I got up extra early to see Mike, Lu, and Og and their first episode "The Three Amigos" I thought this show was cool.

    By shart105, Aug 16, 2007

    Mike, Lu, and Og is a show about three kids that are stranded on some island and they have no needs of transportation to get back home. (That's what made the show show so good.) Anyways, I don't remember the episodes clearly or the voicees of the characters clearly in my mind (so sad) Well, at least it's still on Boomerang. What a shame that Cartoon Network had to have their many incredible shows split along two channels, Cartton Network and Boomerang. Mike,Lu, and Og doesn't even fit on the Boomerang channel with all those oldies. Mike, Lu, and Og was like a cartoon-animated way of the show "Lost" hahamoreless

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    Right this is my 5 review of cartoon cartoon shows and I say bring them back!!!!!

    By Ed-Ventures, Jul 02, 2007

    I can't rember it much as it was only on once a week but a rember a few epsoides I was little when it was on and it was on quite late for me as I was only 7 or 8 and it was on about 9:30 or something but I sometimes got to watch it anyway if it's a cartoon cartoons show then it's good cause I don't like Ben 10 I don't like Johnny Test stuff like that are weirder than Ed's bedroom now last weird Lol anyway to close this review it was an amazing show !!!!moreless

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    This show should be brought back to CN.

    By Nonemaker1, Jun 20, 2007

    Words can't express how much I miss this show. The bigger question is, why was this show cancelled in the first place? Why were a majority of the Cartoon Cartoons cancelled in the first place?! Also, this show should have been given more than just two seasons. If not for a few more seasons, it should have had at least one more season before it ended. Although I like Mike and Og, Lu is my favorite character. She's so mean, yet I find her personality rather funny. I wish I could see this show again. I know it airs on Boomerang, but I don't get that channel. (just my luck) Anyway, like the rest of the Cartoon Cartoons that got cancelled, this show should be brought back, no questions asked.moreless

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    By marioman687, Mar 13, 2007

    This is a weird and poorly drawned show. This show is about people that lives in a island and all other stuff. Mike was a normal kid that came to the island. Lu thinks that she is the queen of the world and she wants to be treated like that. Og creates lots of stuff like a Tv even if there in a island. Lanslot is actually a turtle taht Lu owned and She wants him to listen to whatever she says. The episodes are kind of good, the plots can be boring, and the charaters I have to say they were really poorly drawned in the show. I really didnt know much about the show but thats all I have to say.moreless

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    This was a very good show and I used to like it we really need more shows like this.

    By dumb_person1, Mar 07, 2007

    This show was very good and I used to like it alot and I still can't understand why it was cancelled because this was a great show and the story happened to be great and everything that the characters used to do in the island were great like playing exploring and inventing many things in the tribe of the island. I think this show should be brought back into TV because it was great and had many fun things in the story and the show wasn't dissapointing as several shows out there. Even though there are some with higher ratings but this show was one of the most special of them all and was loved by many fans.moreless

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    I love this show! Why did Cartoon Network have to get rid of this show and put on crap like Billy and Mandy and my Gym Partner's a Monkey?????

    By Bandgeek4ever, Dec 13, 2006

    I love this show. There's something about this show that makes it awesome and really funny. I like Mike, Lu is stuck up but is still funny. I really like Og. It's just funny how he is only almost 7 years old, talks with animals, and that he knows s much about math and science. I really enjoyed yhis show when I was a little kid. And I think that it's also funny how Lu acts like she is in love with Lancelot, her turtle, and then treats him like dirt. I really wish they would bring it back!moreless

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