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Quotes (21)

  • The Standardized Test: Who invented the traffic light? Fasto: A black man named Garrett Augustus Morgan. WHY THE F%*K DO YOU CARE?!

  • The Standardized Test: One mexican takes two hours to wash 500 dishes, and a chinaman takes 3 hours to wash 450 dishes. How long will they take, working together, to wash 1000 dishes? Dr. Wang: Zero hour. Mexican work for chinese, not with. *The head of the Standardized Test subsequently explodes*

  • El Jeffe: ¡Tome Esto! The Standardized Test: This test is only given in English.

  • Racist Club Member: Dude, dude! Don't punch my head off! (Head gets punched off)

  • Sebastian Jefferson: Ya look like a racist A-Team!

  • Dr. Wang: You, fat lady. You move it!

  • White Shadow: Jefferson is a star in the black community. A star that burns too bright! A star that we must extinguish!

  • Jewcano: Hmm, something is just not right about this. Fasto: I know what you mean. My cracker-sense is tingling. HOLY S**T!

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Notes (17)

  • The shows Animation style is to replicate the style in which comic books are drawn.

  • Racist Frankenstein is introduced in Operation Blackout.

  • The White Shadow is introduced in Operation Blackout.

  • The pilot episode's visuals are a tribute to the late Jack Kirby.

  • This series, the pilot in general, is done as a throwback to the barely-animated 1960s Marvel shows from Grantray Lawrence.

  • One of the creators, Adam de la Peña, also did work on The Man Show and Crank Yankers.

  • The Standardized Test is introduced in Operation Blackout.

  • The Corporate Ladder is introduced in Operation Blackout.

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Trivia (2)

  • El Jefe translated in to English means The Boss.

  • All the websites featured in the episode actually connect to working sites hosted by Adult Swim's main website. They are the following: www.rickanddick.com www.whiteshadow.ws www.wangman69.com www.oursecretidentities.com www.rickhansonsresume.com

Allusions (10)

  • This episode marks the first appearance of Racist Frankenstein, The Corporate Ladder and The Standardized Test.

  • Quickstop's name was changed to Non-Stop before the Pilot first premiered.

  • The news channel is called CCN (Corporate City News). This is a spoof of CNN.

  • The episode title, Tribe and Prejduice, is more then likely a pun of the the film Pride and Prejudice (1940) and it's 2005 remake.

  • When Dr. Wang is preparing to send the Minoriteam back in time, he puts his feet in a pool of water, similar to the method of teleporting to Hell in Constantine (2005).

  • The idea of Wang going to world where he doesn't exist to see the differences his life would hav made is very similar to the 1946 holiday movie, It's a Wonderful Life.

  • The White Shadow is seen reading a copy of Flann O'Brien's novel, The Third Policeman at the end of the episode before he begins his fireside chat. Also in the bump that followed this episode's premiere Adult Swim encourages viewers without a computer to read The Third Policeman.

  • Corporate Ladder being sent to Vegas parodies the movie "Casino".

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