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  • Becky: ...or, maybe it means standing on the sidelines - one last time. Russell: Thanks Ms. Freeley (pauses) ...can I touch your boob? Becky: (demurely) No, sweety.

  • Principal Huffy: (standing outside of the homecoming dance, in a droning voice) No Groping, no grinding. No Groping, no grinding. No Groping, no grinding.

  • Vice Principal Terry: I've noticed some disturbing behavior. Becky: Like What? Vice Principal Terry: I walked past some students decorating the gym, and now my suit smells like bong water. Becky: Or... that's your cologne. Vice Principal Terry: (sniffing his lapel) You are right. The point is... you need my security detail.

  • Becky: (looking off-camera at Homecoming sign) Tina... homecoming is spelled c-O-m.

  • Bruce: As many of you know, Senora Henderson has been trying to get pregnant for some time now but her body has failed her yet again. So, she left the country to get herself a baby. Let's hope she picks a winner.

  • Principal Huffy: I will be conducting performance evaluations this week, so if I'm in your class don't be alarmed. I'm there because I'm judging you.

  • Becky: Underneath this sunny demeanor, there's a bulldog, especially when it comes to my students. And if I have to, I'll tear your face off and eat it raw... Obviously not you personally, but you know what I mean. Tim: Sure. I love dogs.

  • Becky: (after being hit on by Beaux, the hot sub) Guys like Tim are worth fighting for. Guys like Beaux never give girls like me the time of day unless they want something like money. (intakes breath, lowers voice to a whisper) Or sex.

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Notes (8)

  • Featured Music: "Push It" by Salt-N-Pepa "Don't Cha" by The Pussycat Dolls

  • Theme Song: "Beautiful Possibility" by Lisa Parade

  • Featured Music: "Funky Cold Medina" by Ton Loc "Glory Of Love" by Peter Cetera

  • Ashton Kutcher Executive Producer, Ashton Kutcher, also appears in this episode as the 'Hot Sub' substitute Spanish teacher, Beaux.

  • Travis Caldwell (Michael) is credited as a guest star in this episode. Although he appears in the episode - kissing Jamie Lynn Spears or nodding - he has no speaking lines.

  • Featured Music: "Poison" by Bell Biv DeVoe

  • Featured Music: "We Are Not Alone" - Karla DeVito

  • Rumer Willis guest stars in this episode. Her stepfather, Ashton Kutcher, is an executive producer of the show.

Trivia (8)

  • Push It When Becky tries to show Shane how to dance, the music played in the background is Push It by Salt-N-Pepa first released on the trio's 1986 album, Hot, Cool & Vicious.

  • 1965 Mustang Lisa (Brooke Burns) drives a 1965 Ford Mustang convertible with a 289ci engine and 4-barrel carburetor. The first Ford Mustang was the '1964 1/2' - debuted in April of 1964 (seven months after most 1964 models came out). The 1965 Mustang was the first full production year for that car.

  • Glen Ellen High Glen Ellen is located In Sonoma County, CA. It is home to American author Jack London's 'Wolf House' and was the temporary home of Rolling Stone 'Gonzo' writer, Hunter S. Thompson.

  • Spanish Movie Titles When Tim is explaining why he is showing dubbed movies to his Spanish students, he mentions: Sabado Night Fever, Better Off Muerte, El Grande Adventure of PeeWee and Witness. These are: Saturday Night Fever, Better Off Dead, PeeWee's Big Adventure and, of course, Witness.

  • Poison When Becky shows up for the car wash in casual attire, the background song is Bell Biv DeVoe's 1990 hit, Poison. This song was also featured in an episode of Scrubs.

  • I Left My Heart in San Francisco - Break My Stride The two wildly different 'songs' that VP Terry refers to are Tony Bennett's signature 1962 hit, I Left My Heart in San Francisco (written in 1954) and Matthew Wilder's 1983-84, No.2 dance single, Break My Stride.

  • The car that Becky drives appears in the episode even though it was destroyed in a previously aired episode.

  • During the first fire alarm scene, Becky is standing in the hallway directing the students toward the exits. In the first shot, there is a tall dark haired boy wearing a white t-shirt with red sleeves walking toward and then past her. As she looks behind her to see Principal Terry running by with his Dick Cheney picture, you see the same boy about half way down the hall coming towards her. Then, as she looks back in her original direction, the same boy is once again walking towards her, but further down the hall than in the first shot.

Allusions (15)

  • Two and a Half Men Actress Judy Greer (Becky Freeley - a NorCal school teacher) appeared in two episodes of Two and a Half Men - 'Aunt Myra Doesn't Pee a Lot' and 'Smooth as a Ken Doll' (both 2007) as Aunt Myra, in which she alluded to being a school teacher from Northern California.

  • Becky: You totally stole that from Good Will Hunting! This is a reference to the 1997 Academy Award winning movie, Good Will Hunting, which was written by best friends, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.

  • Beaux standing under Becky's window with a boombox raised up to her is an allusion to the famous "In Your Eyes" scene in the Cameron Crowe movie Say Anything, where John Cusack's character is woeing Ione Skye's.

  • When Becky commends Tim for "thinking outside the box", he corrects her saying that he thinks it's "bun." He is confusing the popular management catchphrase with a Taco Bell commercial.

  • This website featured in this website (www.lindsaylopez.net) is an allusion to the real life gossip site perezhilton.com.

  • When Bruce is speaking on the PA system to Lindsey Lopez, he makes a reference that permission slips are due for Typhoon Lagoon. Typhoon Lagoon is a water park at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL.

  • The Breakfast Club and Molly Ringwald When Becky, Tim and Lisa run and dance through the school, Becky says she feels like they're in The Breakfast Club. Both Becky and Lisa think they're Molly Ringwald. Molly Ringwald starred in The Breakfast Club in 1985 along with the other members of the Brat Pack. In the movie, five very different students serve Saturday detention together. The dance steps in this episode mirror the dance steps from the movie. Both Becky and Lisa want to be Molly Ringwald who played the most popular girl in school. And in the end of this episode, Becky is put in charge of Saturday detentions!

  • This episode's title, Rebel Yell, refers to a hit album and song from 1980s rocker, Billy Idol. The album was released on January 1, 1983.

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