Miss Match

NBC (ended 2003)
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  • S 1 : Ep 18

    Matchmaker, Matchmaker


  • S 1 : Ep 17

    Back to School (a.k.a. Most Hopeless Romantics)


  • S 1 : Ep 16

    Forgive and Forget


  • S 1 : Ep 15

    Divorce Happens


  • S 1 : Ep 14

    The Price of Love


  • Cast & Crew
  • Alicia Silverstone

    Kate Fox

  • Ryan O'Neal

    Jerry Fox

  • Lake Bell


  • Jodi Long


  • David Conrad

    Michael Mendelsohn

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  • show Description
  • Alicia Silverstone (Clueless, The Crush) stars as Kate Fox in this charming drama from Emmy-Award winning executive producers Darren Star (Sex and the City) and Jeff Rake (The Practice). In addition to being a sharp divorce attorney in her father's law firm, Kate Fox has a knack for matchmaking, which she considers a hobby until a socialite bride credits Kate for her romantic success in the press and word of her talent spreads. Soon, to the dismay of her father, Jerry (Ryan O'Neal, Love Story), and her reluctant legal partner Nick (James Roday, First Years), Kate is juggling the conflicting worlds of divorce and true love. With her best friend Victoria (Lake Bell, War Stories) at her side, Kate is determined to bring a little romance into the world, perhaps finding her own true love in the process. Rounding out the cast are David Conrad (Men of Honor) as Michael, a potential love interest for Kate, and Jodi Long (All-American Girl) as nosy office receptionist Claire. Miss Match is produced by 20th Television with Imagine Entertainment and Darren Star Productions. Brian Grazer (24) and David Nevins also serve as executive producers. The series was cancelled and unaired episodes were shelved. The complete series, including unaired episodes, aired in the UK channel Living in Spring 2004. The entire Miss Match show (with the exception of episodes 12 and 14) ran in Croatia on HRT 1, Winter 2005. The title of the show is Par nepar. The show aired in Finland on channel SubTV during Summer 2005. All the unaired episodes, except episode 12, were shown. The show was called Amorin apulainen (translated "Amor's helper"). Macy Gray performed the Miss Match theme song, Love Is Gonna Get You. Alicia Silverstone was nominated at the 2004 Golden Globe Awards and at the Golden Satellite Award in the category of "Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series - Musical or Comedy" for her role on the show.moreless

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    • Nick: Not that I'm in need of help in the female department — far from it — but as it appears you happen to be hoarding a crop of ready and willing lady friends, I'd certainly be amenable to taking a few of them off your hands. Kate: (chuckles) Right. Nick: Are you insinuating that I'm not eminently date-worthy? Kate: Of course not. The next time I come across a woman who enjoys overblown egos and shifting through garbage, I'll be sure to send her your way.

    • Kate: If the Dodgers won the world series because they'd figured out how to make every other good team forfeit, you think anyone would be impressed? Jerry: We're divorce attorneys. We could walk on water; nobody's gonna be impressed.

    • Kate: This divorce lawyer has a brief to go over tonight. Brian: Fine. But in Maui, it's gonna be all about my briefs.

    • Jolene's Lawyer: (fighting over Pepper the dog) This is ridiculous. Do you honestly expect my client to just roll over like this? Jerry: No, but I do expect her to "sit" and "stay".

    • Kate: (to Richard) A hint about women? We want deep and real and profound, but if we're looking good, we wanna know about it.

    • Nick: Few years under your belt you'll realize marriage is a transaction like anything else. When I go to a wedding I don't see a bride. I see a future client.

    • Claire: From one straight woman to another, you got to see this nanny.

    • Judy: (to Kate) You are such a beautiful girl. Why couldn't you be a lesbian? (joking, to Jerry) Unless there's something we don't know... Jerry: (desperate, to Kate) Honey..?

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    Notes (42)

    • JoBeth Williams (Kate's mom Lianne) is credited as a special guest star.

    • Music featured in this episode: - Sing Sing Sing by Benny Goodman - When We Are Together by Texas - When I See You by Macy Gray - Why Don't You Just Kiss Me by The Beu Sisters - You Make Me Feel Like A Star by The Beu Sisters - Green Tomatoes by 45 Dip - Bring It On by Sarah Lovely - Fever by Peggy Lee

    • In early publicity material about the show Kate's father's first name was Sid.

    • This show was shot on the same set as Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    • Guest stars William Ragsdale and Rick Hoffman (in an uncredited cameo as the consultant at the bar) starred in Darren Star's two previous (but short-lived) shows. Ragsdale starred in Grosse Pointe and Hoffman starred in The $treet.

    • This show is based on a true story. The character of Kate Fox is based on Samantha Daniels, who is allegedly responsible for 39 marriages. She runs her own matchmaking service, Samantha's Table, and was also the co-producer of the show. She also appeared as an extra in the pilot episode (as Would-be Client #4).

    • Music featured in this episode: - Long Live Rock & Roll by Bomber - Look Of Love by Dusty Springfield - The Scientist by Coldplay

    • Music featured in this episode: - Harder To Breathe by Maroon 5 - I'm Not In Love by Olive - I Hope Tomorrow Is Like Today by Guster - Strict Machine by Goldfrapp - Looking For You by Molly M - New Ska by Oversoul 7

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    Trivia (8)

    • When Kate and her father Jerry are having dinner at a restaurant, Jerry is surprised to learn that Kate is a vegetarian. In real life, Alicia Silverstone is an avid vegan. This is played in the plot in many of the episodes.

    • When Kate is in the spray tanner, the shower cap is behind her right ear. When the camera cuts back, the cap is in front, and when she comes out it is behind her ear again.

    • Jodi Long (Claire the receptionist) does not appear in this episode. She is replaced by a surly temp, played by David Trice.

    • This episode introduces the recurring character of Lauren Logan (Dina Meyer), Michael's ex-girlfriend.

    • Jodi Long does not appear in this episode. Her character Claire is once again replaced by the temp receptionist (played by David Trice).

    • Jodi Long does not appear in this episode. Her character, receptionist Claire, is now replaced by another temp receptionist, Jillian (guest star Kaitlin Olson), a man-eater who is aggressively searching for a husband.

    • Michael's email is revealed to be michaelm572@hotmail.com, an email address that does exist.

    • Several character birthdays are revealed in this episode: - Kate: September 30, 1976 - Victoria: August 12, 1978 - Michael: November 7, 1973 - Nick: June 8, 1974 None of these are the actors' actual birthdays.

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    Allusions (8)

    • Richard: Yesterday I re-read A Brief History of Time... A Brief History of Time (1988) is a best-selling science book by Stephen Hawking.

    • Brad: Do you know who introduced me to Chelsea? Jenny Craig. Jenny Craig is weight loss consultant. The Jenny Craig Weight Loss Plan consists of one-on-one counselling sessions with a health professional, pre-planned menus, and prepackaged Jenny Craig food items.

    • Title: I Got You Babe Kate and her date dress up as Cher and Sonny for the Halloween party. Sonny and Cher were a husband-and-wife duo that performed in the 1960's and 70's. Their biggest hit was I Got You Babe (1965). The song is heard in this episode and it is also the title of the episode.

    • Title: Addicted to Love The episode title is a reference to the 1985 #1 hit pop song by Robert Palmer. There is also a 1997 movie by the same name, starring Meg Ryan and Matthew Broderick.

    • Title: Santa, Baby The episode title is a reference to the 1954 Christmas song Santa Baby, performed by Eartha Kitt. The song is also heard in this episode.

    • Title: Who's Sari Now? The episode title is a pun of the words 'sorry' and 'sari', a traditional Indian women's garment.

    • Title: All in the Family All in the Family was a comedy show that ran on CBS from 1971 to 1979.

    • Serena: (about Jerry) I don't care if he's Reese Witherspoon! A reference to actress Reese Witherspoon and her character Elle Woods, a blonde, yet somehow clever law student in the Legally Blonde movies.

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  • Fan Reviews (15)
  • Kate Fox (Alicia Silverstone)Is A Lawyer Working For Her Father's Company, Who Doubles As A Matchmaker In Her Spare Time.

    By xCeeCeex2007, Apr 16, 2008

  • Miss Match deserved to be on DVD

    By Mysterv, Feb 28, 2008

  • A lawyer who is a match maker why didn't anyone come up with this sooner? It's original and a fantastic idea for a show. Well I think so.

    By 101TVADDICT101, May 30, 2007

  • Lacked Originality

    By jbatesy23, Apr 25, 2007

  • I love this show!

    By lindauk, Mar 20, 2007

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