Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

Bringing up Shrubby / Stuck on You

Season 2, Ep 26, Aired
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  • Episode Description
  • Bringing up Shrubby: While playing, Squirt and Bounce accidentally wreck one of the plants in Miss Spider's garden. To make it up to her, they take care of the plant they broke by watering it, protecting it from the harsh weather and even giving it a name, Shrubby. Stuck on You: Dragon wants to go build a pine cone fort, but Miss Spider makes him take Spinner along with him. When the two get their pine cones, they argue over what type of fort it should be, so they decide to each make their own fort. But then the two get covered in sticky pine sap and when they try to get it off, they end up stuck to each other. So now, Dragon and Spinner try everything they can to figure out how to get unstuck.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Marion Kulyk

  • Jeff Danna

  • Yaleh Paxton-Harding

  • Kathy Paulin-Lougheed

  • Scott Kraft

    Written By - "Bringing Up Shrubby"

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (14)

    • Miss Spider: Dragon? Spinner? Dragon and Spinner: Roar!!! Miss Spider: Jumpin' junebugs! What happened to you? Dragon: We kinda got some pine sap stuck on us. Spinner: Yeah. Lots of other stuff too. Miss Spider: Well, it's certainly nice to see you two getting along so well. Dragon: Like you said, "a family needs to 'stick together'."

    • Bounce: Where are we going now? Shimmer: To find the bedbug eating meadow monster. Bounce: Oh boy, oh boy!

    • Dragon: So how do we get to the shore? Spinner: I know! We can paddle there! On this lily pad! Dragon: Spinner, lily pads are attached to the bottom of the pond. They can't move that far. I thought everybuggy knew that. Spinner: Well, I didn't. Dragon: But it is is a good idea. Maybe there's something else we can use.

    • Spinner: I don't want to fly, Dragon. Dragon: Relax. It'll be a snap. Just stay calm and don't wiggle.

    • Dragon: Uh oh. This stick must have pine sap on it. Now we're stuck to it. Spinner: And each other.

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    Notes (2)

    • In the United States, this episode premiered on Noggin on October 26, 2008.

    • Squirt reads the title display for "Bringing up Shrubby" and Dragon and Spinner read the title display for "Stuck on You."

    Trivia (1)

    • Closed-captioning, at least on the version of the episode aired on Noggin, misspells Shelley's name as "Shelly." Additionally, Pansy's name is misspelled at one point as "Apsny" and a line of Bounce's in the second story is credited to Squirt, even though Squirt doesn't even appear in that story.

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