NBC's Latest Series Orders Include Ellen's Lesbian Comedy, Krysten Ritter in Space, and Kate Walsh's Bad Judge

By Tim Surette

May 09, 2014

NBC is shifting from broad comedies to comedies with broads! Coming to NBC next season (unless the network pulls another Love Bites) will be Elisha Cuthbert as a lesbian, Krysten Ritter trying to get into space and keep horny astronauts out of her cockpit, and Kate Walsh playing a seductive judge. Not exactly the family-friendly stylings of watching Michael J. Fox teach his kids life lessons.

One Big Happy comes from producer Ellen DeGeneres and stars Cuthbert (Happy Endings, mountain lion bait on 24) as a lesbian who gets pregnant just as her straight, male bestie—who was supposed to raise the baby with her—finds the love of his life and gets engaged. It's multi-camera, so get ready for a laugh track when they make turkey-baster jokes.

Mission Control stars Krysten Ritter (the B---- in Apartment 23) as a woman in the space program during a time when men ran the show: the 1960s. Tommy Dewey (The Mindy Project) plays a hot-shot rocket jockey who she butts heads with and 99.999999999-percent definitely has a "will they or won't they?" relationship with. This is a single-camera comedy, and it's supposed to be in the vein of Anchorman. Also noteworthy: It's a Better Off Ted reunion, with Malcolm Barrett and Jonathan Slavin co-starring! So it's probably pretty obvious why I wanted to see it get made

Finally, the single-camera Bad Judge is pretty on-the-nose with its title. Kate Walsh (Private PracticeFargo) plays a criminal court judge who can keep order in the court but can't quite keep order in her pants. Her character is described as "sexually unapologetic," unlike me, I'm always apologizing during and after the sex that I never have. Sorry, you can't spell Tim without T-M-I. 

These three pickups join an NBC slate that already includes the previously ordered DC Comics series Constantine, the dramas Allegiance, State of AffairsOdysessyand Mysteries of Laura, and the comedies A to Z and Marry Me.

Do any of these shows sound exciting to you?

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  • RyanSanders2 Oct 22, 2014

    MIssion control is already cancelled-so says an ad (trending stories)

  • QuestionMarq May 10, 2014

    Looks like Hannibal and Parks and Recreation are the only two NBC shows I'm watching this year.

  • antdude May 10, 2014

    I guess Elisha won't be on 24. :P

  • terminaltrip421 May 10, 2014

    I don't know that any of them are lead actress in a comedy material but Cuthbert is by far the most questionable. I think Ellen had a hand in the casting. none of these appeal to me for any reason other than lust.

  • terminaltrip421 May 10, 2014

    BTW I didn't read past the first paragraph because casting it of the upmost importance and not one of the names begs enough interest to find out what the shows are about.

  • dagrimmreepa May 10, 2014


  • bballer151 May 10, 2014

    Seriously NBC? Are you headquartered in COlorado and smoking up? WTF? Bring back Community you dumb morons. These all sound like garbage which is the norm for NBC

  • Community_Lover May 10, 2014

    So they canceled Communit for this? Screw you NBC.

  • digital_dice May 10, 2014

    They all sound terrible. Elisha as a lesbian? Her husband Dion will probably never hear the end of jokes in the locker room and on the ice. Then again, he just signed that $49 million contract so I can't feel too bad for him.

  • DrSpongejr May 10, 2014

    Hopefully Mission Control is good been missing the B---- for some time.

  • JT_Kirk May 10, 2014

    Odds of any of these being around within 8 episodes of airing? Slim.

    One Big Happy sounds really bad, multi-camera is especially horrible, I predict a lot of door slamming to laughter.

    Mission Control, I like most of the talent involved, but the premise and setting are way too high-concept.

    Bad Judge sounds like it'll be bad tv.

  • meee223 May 10, 2014

    Everyone's entitled to their opinion, of course, but I think single camera comedys suck big time.

  • JT_Kirk May 10, 2014


  • meee223 May 10, 2014

    Simple. To me, comedies are supposed to be funny, but they just don't make me laugh. I still give them a shot. Watched 7 episodes of New Girl and Happy Endings, for example and the laughs weren't there for me. I found myself waiting for the half hour to be over! But that's just me. Everyone's sense of humor is different. On the other hand, I love shows like 2 Broke Girls and Mom, multi-cam shows and it's not the laugh tracks (if used) that get me laughing. It's the zingy one-liners between the characters. 90's shows like Friends and Frasier were so well written and hilarious, and were multi-cam shows, as were most all comedies at that time. Single cam shows are just not written well enough to make me laugh. Just my opinion on what I personally like.

  • meee223 May 10, 2014

    Correction on first line. "single camera comedies are supposed to be funny". Can't make corrections once you post. Sorry.

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