Mission Hill

Kevin Finds Love (or Hot for Weirdie)

Season 1, Ep 10, Aired 7/21/02
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  • Episode Description
  • Kevin asks out the weirdest girl in his school - Eunice Eulmeyer. The only reason why he does this is because she's the daughter of a well-known scientist and he thinks the he could write him a good letter of recommendation for college. But, after he does, Dr. Eulmeyer dies and things start to fall apart... Meanwhile, Andy and company get refused entry into a new nightclub in town because they're not "cool" enough. Andy, not being the type to just let it go, starts up his own bogus nightclub with his friends. The twist, he refuses to let anyone in but his friends, making it the hottest nightclub in town.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Dan McGrath

  • Cynthia Wells

  • Bill Oakley

    George Bang

  • Brian Posehn

    Jim Kuback

  • Herbert Siguenza

    Carlos Hernandez-Leibowitz

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  • Quotes (6)

    • Club Owner: (Looking at Jim and another guy who looks like him) Sorry, I only need one of these. (Points at the other guy) You. Andy: One of these? We're not items on a supermarket shelf.

    • (Eunice produces the much sought-after reccomendation and Kevin is overjoyed and tries to kiss her, but she rejects him much to his dismay) Eunice: Come on chimpie, you got what you wanted, quit complaining. Kevin: No! I mean, yes, I wanted the letter, but that was before I realized how brilliant and adventurous and wonderful you are! Andy was right all along - you are perfect for me! I don't want the letter anymore, Eunice, I want you! Eunice: Well, people in hell want ice water. Have tons of fun with your letter.

    • (Kevin and Andy are heading to Eunice Eulmeyer's house to have dinner with her parents) Kevin: Thanks for coming to this dinner with me. Dr. E wanted to meet my family, and I need to make a good impression. Andy: Hey, I'm just happy you met your true love. Plus, I wouldn't miss the chance to see Weirdie in her natural habitat.

    • (Andy, Posey and Jim are turned away from the new club in Mission Hill) Andy: Damn poseurs, come to our neighborhood and tell us we're not cool enough to get into their club? Screw them! Posey: Don't feel bad, Andy. We could start our own club and call it the Cool Club and let in everyone who wan't cool enough for the other club! Jim: Or, we could just open a club and not let anyone in at all! Andy: You're mean, man, that's why I like you! (Posey pokes Andy in the eye) Andy: Owww!! Posey: I can be mean too!

    • Andy French: The baby can come in... but you can't. Natalie Leibowitz-Hernandez: My baby! Guy: That must have been one cool baby.

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    Notes (1)

    • Look Closely: The writing on Wierdie's drawing says 'My daddy makes bombs'

    Allusions (4)

    • Jim: Yeah It's called I murdered Fred Mertz. Fred Mertz was a main character on the popular '50's series I Love Lucy.

    • Guard:Yeah I go to the armory with my boy-(corrects himself) girlfriend. Ah, I'm legally fine so long as I didn't say the whole word. This is a reference to the Dont Ask Dont Tell rule of the United States Military.

    • The search engine that Kevin uses to look up Wierdie's father is named 'YeeHaw!' which is an obvious reference to the popular search engine Yahoo.

    • Hot for Weirdie This episode's "dirty" title is a play on the popular Van Halen song "Hot for Teacher."

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