Mission Hill

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  • Andy: (To Kevin) I did you a big favour letting you move in with me. You should be down on your knees kissing my ass. Ooops! I'm sorry, I said "Ass". Please tattle on me. Please give me a preachy speech. Why not show me the way Reverend Goody McFreaking Gumdrops?!

  • Andy: (to Ron) Hey Ron is it okay if i take off a little early today? I'm suppose to have dinner with my folks and they're way out in the suburbs so I.
    Ron: No way!

  • Gus: Store bought condoms? What's wrong with our regular brand of condoms? Wally: Nothing, but these were on special. Gus: You cheap gay bastard. These things are gonna fly right off!

  • Andy: (Talking about Kevin) Did you know he made a shirt out of his SAT score. Jim: How did he do? Andy: I don't know, I don't care. (Pause) A lot better then I did.

  • Andy: (to Gwen) We deserve a break from this frenzied go-go corporate rat race.

  • Kevin: Ah, so this is Mission Hill! Andy: Don't get excited. It doesn't have anything you would like. Kevin: Well, it looks very colorful. I think it's important to embrace as many ideas and cultures as one can. Mom, Dad and I went to see Il Postino and-- Andy: (angered) Shut up! You are so lame. Shut Up! Kevin: Maybe you should shut up. Andy: No, You. I'm not the one who's-- (Andy and Kevin fight) Jim: All right, you two. I'm going to pull this car over right now. (Jim does so. He then gets out of the car and unzips his fly.) What? Don't let me stop your arguing.

  • Kevin: (drunk) This apartment spins a lot.
    Andy: Yeah, it tends to do that after a good party.

  • Kevin: (points to a bottle, wanting beer) Can you get me this? Andy: Ok, but that's olive oil. (he gets another bottle) That's maple syrup. (he gets another bottle) That's shampoo.

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Notes (64)

  • On the fridge in Andy's apartment magnets spell out "Andy suks".

  • Look at the fridge you can see where Andy was in a photo-booth. 3 out of 4 pictures it took are of his face the last one is his rear-end.

  • Lauren Macmullan designed three versions of Andy, Kevin, Jim, Posey, and Stogie. a realistic version,a slightly less realistic version and a 1930's era version (all of which are on the DVDs). They chose the realistic Posey and Jim and the slightly less realistic Andy and Kevin.

  • Andy's cartoon series was supposed to be about rats in the sewers under England.

  • Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein said on the pilot commentary that the characters were going to age and develope in future seasons. They also said that Andy would become a famous Matt-Greoning-Esque cartoonist by season 10.

  • The reason the baby is called Baby-nameless is because it has no name. The story there is that Natalie and Carlos thought about cultural signifigance when trying to think of a name and eventually they just didnt name it. Also we arent supposed to know what gender the baby was either.

  • Near the end when you see Kevin rolling on the floor drunk, the two people on the far right of the couch are the creators.

  • Stogie the dog was originally named "Stoli" after the vodka. The WB was worried about trademark issues so the name was changed.

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Trivia (53)

  • There is a Mission Hills, California. Although in the script for "Bye Bye Nerdie (or I Was a Teenage Pornstar)" we learn that Mission Hill is in South Dakota.

  • Stogie's original name was Stolie.

  • The WB censors made them take out the sound of Jim peeing after he hops out of the car.

  • This is the only time we see Griffo without C-dog.

  • This show was ispired by a pitch of a Simpsons episode that Oakley and Weinstein thought up where The Simpsons go to visit a hip cousin. But it got rejected whenever they pitched it.

  • When Andy is doing his big speech in the courtroom, he's wearing spicy pants. But eariler on, when he's booing Kevin, he's wearing jeans.

  • The cartoon that Andy was making at the beginning of the episode was of a man inside a toilet saying, "Nice place you got here."

  • This is the one episode that series co-creator Bill Oakley will not let his kids see.

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Allusions (37)

  • The design of Gus was based on the late actor Lawrence Tearney. Although Nick Jameson just did a voice without knowing who he was.

  • The Balif in the back of the courtroom resembles Moose from the TV series Nightcourt.

  • The title "Porno for Pyro" is a play on the punk band Porno for Pyros.

  • Tina: Make it so. This phrase was spoken by Captain Jean-Luc Picard (played by Patrick Stewart), a central character of the popular television show Star Trek: Enterprise. It quickly became a catch phrase for fans of the show.

  • The two photos above Gus and Wally's bed are references to the two photos above the Van Dyke's beds from the Dick Van Dyke Show.

  • Andy:Didn't I see you in Baretta? Baretta was a detective television series which ran on ABC from 1975 to 1978.

  • The "ooga chaka, ooga chaka" part of the Borchmore Cavemen chant which Andy and Jim demonstrate comes from the remake of the B.J. Thomas song Hooked On A Feeling by the mid-1970's rock group Blue Swede. Blue Swede's version added the cavemen-like chant for the hook.

  • Jim: She's sleazy and not in the good John Waters way. John Waters is a cult film writer and director known for the disgusting nature of his films.

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