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    He Was a Great Neighbor

    By Fountain, Aug 04, 2015

    I could understand how some people would view this show as 'dated', mainly because technology has advanced and this show was what my parents watched when they were kids. I would still recommend this to parents, one thing Fred Rogers was able to do was relate to children, and this was a quiet show to keep children calm during afternoons. Parents may need to explain a few things, as I recall doing the same myself, but that only adds a better learning and communication element.

    From my personal experience, I thought Mister Rogers sounded slow, something seemed off to me but as the years went by I noticed he was just a nice guy. He lived that life, there was no off switch and all those kind words he said on camera were authentic. Sometimes when you're a kid it feels good to have someone say nice things to you, especially when you find out they really mean it.

    This show might not be for everyone, and I haven't seen it since I was young so I'm not too sure what they did or if they made more shows after Fred Rogers died. This show required some kids to really use their imaginations, and I was one of the kids who didn't care too much for the puppets. I've seen this show mocked often, but it's a harmless educational show.

    The main argument people didn't like about the show was how Mister Rogers told kids that they were all unique, special and he liked them just the way they were. They felt it made some children not try harder to be like everyone else, to be what people consider normal, which is debatable. I watched the show with several individuals who grew up just fine.

    I was glad to have seen this show, Mister Rogers seemed to really care and treat children with a decent amount of dignity in each episode. This was one of the few shows that promoted good habits, you don't have to worry about children repeating anything he does aside from maybe wearing a sweater or wanting to feed some fish. Mister Rogers was one of the best.moreless

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    I am really freaked out about this show.

    By woahwoah678, Jul 23, 2012

    One of the creepiest shows that were a kids show.First of all,Mister Rogers is all nice and this is really stupid of what he did to this show.Second of all,the puppets are really disturbing and King Friday is not that disturbing and finally of all,the whole show is really creepy.In one of the episodes,this dude looked really disturbing with his eyes.Mister Rogers,you did not do a good job on this show.It's very creepy with you and the puppets from The Neiborhood Of Make Believe.Your show is one of the baddest show that I will know forever.I give this show a D because it's stupid and all of those crazy puupets are disturbing.moreless

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    The coolest TV Teacher!

    By T_VFan, May 01, 2012

    He is sweet, he acts like your neighbor, and he takes you on adventures through his house and everything. He teaches you things you wanna learn as a kid who likes school. Greatness!

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    BOO-YAH! Mr. Rogers all the way!

    By chaokid01, May 10, 2011

    How many buff musclemen do you see showing off on TV and then when they actually NEED to fight, they wuss out? Well, the only ones I can think of that don't are Chuck Noris and (fanfare) Mr. Rogers.

    Not ONLY was he in the navy but he was an EXCELLENT teacher. The show may creep some of you freaks out, but I happen to like it.

    Examples of why Mr. Rogers is a good show:

    Feeding the fish: To care for life and for reminding,

    The wonderful land of make-believe: recognition,

    Song: How do we NOT learn from song?

    Mr. Rogers: an extraordinary role model for any child.

    Mr. Rogers deserves to be appreciated and I do appriciate him. Please, for wonderful education watch this show with your kids.moreless

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  • 9.0

    Excellent children's show

    By niceguyposer, May 07, 2011

    Mr. Rogers was truly an inspiring character who knew how to teach children about life without sugar-coating anything. Even after his death, his legacy lives on.

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    I miss Mr. Rogers!

    By blue4t, May 07, 2011

    Who doesn't like Mr. Rogers? I've grown up and Mr. Rogers is still cool with me.

    This show was cool. I love the filmstrips Mr. Rogers would show, like how crayons or plastic drinking straws were made. In any other context it would be boring, but they were interesting on this show.

    This is a great show for little kids. It teaches them that imagination/make-believing is important. Mr. Rogers does it with his puppets like King Friday. It's a great show for kids and adults won't get bored watching it either.

    This is definitely a classic and no other children's show can touch it!moreless

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  • 9.1

    It makes imagination come true.

    By jonghyunchung, May 07, 2011

    I miss Mister Rogers. He died like, 4 years ago. He even used to sing songs like the "Tomorrow Song" back in the early 70's, which I'll probably never get to see again. All that I can imagine is to have the early days of him come back on television, and possibly on DVD. Currently, it only airs when I have to miss it because I have school, but at least I get to see it when I have days off. But when I was just a little kid, the episodes still aired the same. We could go for "Long live Mister Rogers", but like I said, he's dead now.moreless

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    I used to watch this show when I was growing up. It helped to make me the person that I am today. Thanks to Mr. Rogers Neighborhood -- I learned manners, good behavior and all of the other stuff that makes a well-rounded person.

    By Frankburnsflagg, May 07, 2011

    This show was a big part of my growing up years. Mr. Rogers was one of the best teachers that I had, in terms of learning how things worked, how to behave around other people, and that kind of thing. It's a true shame that there aren't that many good children's shows around anymore, besides Sesame Street. Kids don't really have that many good role models these days. My generation and the ones that came before, definitely had one in Fred Rogers. He was a good, hard-working individual who cared about how others felt.

    Most tv shows that are on the air today, only seem to care about making money and that kind of thing. Helping kids to learn, seems to be only secondary to them. They don't really care about kids' welfare like Mr. Rogers did.

    Television shows just don't have the same feeling to them that Mr. Rogers Neighborhood did. That feeling that you're wanted, that someone actually cared about how you felt, how you're doing and that kind of thing.

    He'd go on field trips every so often to different places, in order to show the audience how things are made. For example, I remember seeing one episode where he went to a utensil making factory. It was rather interesting, seeing how spoons are made, using two different molds and then pressing them together in order to make the spoon itself.

    Also he had guests on his show once in awhile, along with doing a puppet show with King Friday and the rest of the gang. It was fun growing up and watching this classic show. Hopefully parents will pass this wonderful show onto their own children, so they can experience the magic that was Fred Rogers, may he rest in peace. He will be forever missed by his many legions of fans.moreless

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    Mr.Rogers is my dude.

    By chanelissweet, May 07, 2011

    I was so sad to hear that a couple of years ago one of the nicest men on tv died. This show was about an old man who lives in a neriborhood and is friends with every body and has guest stars on his show all the time and tried to teach children something. I love the theme song to the song even though he can not sing worth a note. It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood A beautiful day for a neighbor Would you be mine Could you be mine It's a neighborly day in this beauty wood A neighborly day for a beauty Would you be mine Could you be mine I've always wanted to have a neighbor just like you I've always wanted to live in a neighborhood with you So, let's make the most of this beautiful day Since we're together we might as well say Would you be mine, could you be mine Won't you be my neighbor Won't you please, won't you please Please won't you be my neighbor.moreless

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    Mr. Rogers was great.

    By cactusjack39, May 07, 2011

    I have to say that there wasn't a more sincere and more warm show than this one, at least for kids. Mr. Rogers is by far one of the best television characters in history. I respect what he did for as long as he did it. Almost 40 years on one show. That is crazy to think. It was also very sad when he passed away as it meant that there would be no more new episodes of the show. It was a great show that mixed manners with entertainment and puppets. Overall, there will never be a show like this one. Thank you.moreless

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