Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

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Quotes (552)

  • Mrs. Russellite: The king likes special things, so...
    Mister Rogers: He likes the same things all the time, it seems.

  • Handyman Negri: It is tough getting used to new things sometimes. Like new shoes or something like that.
    Daniel: I'll never forget the time I had to get used to a junior bed.
    Handyman Negri: A junior bed?
    Daniel: Yeah. After a crib, you know. I was so used to my crib.
    Handyman Negri: Aw, I bet that was kind of tough. Do you like it now?
    Daniel: Oh, I love it now!

  • Mister Rogers: (reading a speedy delivery message) "Sorry I can't come to visit today. Too busy. If you're taking a walk, maybe you'll stop by. Sweetness and light, Mrs. Russellite."

  • Mister Rogers: How do you feel about new things? Sure. What about growing? You like to grow, don't you? That's sort of like 'going up' (refers to ladder.

  • Mister Rogers: How are you doing with your tying? It took me a long time to make that (holds up shoe lace) and that (holds up the other shoe lace) into a bow.

  • Mister Rogers: Hi. Glad to see you today. I shall button my buttons on this sweater, change my shoes, and get ready to have some time with you in this very special studio of ours.

  • Lady Aberlin: Trolley, how long has this all been going on? (trolley chimes) Oh, it's terrible, really. (trolley chimes) What's your serial number? (trolley chimes) I'm 34567.

  • Mister Rogers: Well, he isn't the happiest Great Uncle Friday that you've seen in a long time.
    Betty Aberlin: Oh, no. What's wrong?
    Mister Rogers: Lady Elaine has been up to her tricks again, and she's moved the Eiffel Tower...

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Notes (379)

  • The neighborhood in the opening credits looks remarkably different than it will in later episodes, with different streets and structures, and even some high-rise buildings.

  • The funding credits in the beginning of this and all pre-1979 episodes are silent. At the end of this episode and all episodes this season, an announcer would tell us that the production funds for that television visit were provided by a grant from The Sears-Roebuck Foundation and a special children's program fund established by N.E.T. affiliated stations.

  • All programs from this season and the next three, are billed as "Produced by WQED Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in association with Small World Enterprises for NET."

  • The show at the time was known as Misterogers' Neighborhood and was filmed in black & white. The living room of Rogers' television house had beige walls with wainscoting. Much of the scenery inside the house would remain the same with minor changes throughout the run (such as the fish tank in the kitchen).

  • In this episode, we see a rare glimpse of King Friday's Throne Room.

  • This is the first show to feature Grand-père, the French-born tiger who lives at the Eiffel Tower.

  • Heard in this program, the song "Goodnight, God" was actually the closing theme to The Children's Corner, which starred Josie Carey. It was The Children's Corner that gave Fred Rogers his baptism in public television, introducing some of the puppet characters that made it to Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.

  • Lady Elaine Fairchilde waits until this episode to make her first appearance.

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Trivia (141)

  • It is interesting in this first episode that Fred Rogers refers to his house as "this special studio," which sounds rather impersonal.

  • Mr. McFeely got his name straight from Fred Rogers. Fred's middle name is McFeely.

  • It's strange to hear Betty Aberlin ask if she should take a gun to the Neighbor of Make-Believe!

  • Instead of making his speedy delivery to the front door, Mr. McFeely delivers Mister Rogers the newspaper to an obscure side door that would disappear in later episodes.

  • A fly lands on Lady Aberlin's head and won't leave her alone, in the scene with King Friday.

  • Lady Aberlin is assigned the serial number 34567.

  • Mr. Rogers arrives at his television home with a new picture - a framed drawing of the Neighborhood of Make Believe - which will hang in the kitchen of his television home for years to come.

  • We see in this episode that Picture Picture has almost "magic mirror" capabilities, in that Fred asks it "Picture Picture on the wall. Would you kindly show us all? What Chef Brockett's going to fill that box up with." The picture reveals ingredients for a cake.

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Allusions (10)

  • Mister Rogers: (sings) Sally Margaret McFarland…

    Rogers introduced new words sung to the tune of "Troglodytes aedon." He named the paper fish on a stick after Margaret McFarland, who had been a consultant on Mister Rogers' Neighborhood for two decades.

  • Mister Rogers: When I play a film fast like that, I think, "funny fast film."
    By playing the film of the neighborhood's different families quickly, Fred Rogers paid tribute to the old "Funny Fast Films" that he had run in Picture-Picture from about 1969 to 1975. Only once after 1975 would any of the Funny Fast Films be seen again.

  • PROPERTY: The Hoof Organ
    Much like Tom Hanks in the 1988 motion picture big, Chuck Aber as the shy giraffe dances to his own music on the "hoof organ." It starts out with each note playing exactly as Aber steps on it, but after a while, the musicians freestyle it, as does Aber, who dances on the keys almost aimlessly.

  • King Friday: (after granting a request) That's what kings are for! "Ask and you shall receive!"

    King Friday is quoting Matthew 7:7 from the Bible.

  • Lady Elaine: Ask The Universe Today. The Universe Today was a brief attempt at reminding viewers of USA Today on TV, which had gone off the air on January 5, 1990–becoming the first reality show to fail.

  • The title of Lady Elaine's soap opera is an allusion to the real soap As the World Turns.

  • Mayor Maggie: Oh, you mean the wheelchair.

    Another native Pennsylvanian, Joe Flaherty, became famous on TV for riding a wheelchair unnecessarily. He created Guy Caballero for SCTV, first as a voice only and then as SCTV's wheelchaired president. According to Flaherty, Guy Caballero rode the wheelchair for respect.

  • Mr. Aber: And we all thank Corny, Yo-Yo Ma, his cello, and some music by Johann Sebastian Bach.

    This was Mr. Rogers' tie-in to the recent PBS special, Yo-Yo Ma: Inspired by Bach.

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