Mister T

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Quotes (32)

  • Robin: What the hairy heck is it?

  • Mr. T: I pity da fool...

  • Mr. T: The name is Mr. T! First name is Mister, middle name is that period, last name is T!

  • Mr. T: Do what's right and you can't go wrong. Take it from me, Mr. T!

  • Robin: What the hairy heck is going on here?

  • Spike: I pity the fool who messes with me. I pity you!

  • Mr. T: Bisby! Bisby! Open up! Miss Bisby: Who is it? Mr. T: The Easter Bunny. Who'd you think it is?

  • Woody: I take it they got away. Mr. T: You lookin' to eat that steering wheel kid?

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Notes (2)

  • As Mr. T kicked down a door, there appeared to be a poster from the 1977 movie Close Encounters Of The Third Kind on the wall behind him.

  • Ms. Bisby mentions a "Futurama exhibit". Not only would the name 'Futurama' be used as the title for a popular animated series 15 years after this episode was made, but Phil LaMarr, who voices Woody in Mister T, would go on to provide the voice of Hermes in Futurama.

Trivia (109)

  • Goof: At the castle, Robin suggest they call the police. Surely a better time to do so would have been when Spike was kidnapped or when the medallions were stolen, before they'd put themselves in danger by going to the castle.

  • Goof: The title card calls this episode "The Mystery of the Golden Medallion", implying that there is one single medallion. However the show clearly uses several medallions. Even Mr. T used "medallions" in his intro.

  • Goof: Mr. T introduces himself with "The name is Mr. T! First name is Mister, middle name is that period, last name is T!" However the way his name is spelt in the opening credits of the show ("Mister T"), it does not contain a period.

  • Goof: As Mr. T and the kids talk to the owner of the mint, Kim doesn't have any eyebrows in one shot.

  • Goof: As Kim and Jeff hold down one of the criminals on the roof of the castle, his turtleneck collar keeps changing colour from from green to his skin colour and back. It almost appears as though the turtleneck is retracting into his jacket by itself.

  • Goof: After arriving at the mint building, Jeff notes that this is the "Hanson Mint". However, he was looking at the list of addresses when he said that, not at the big medallion, which is where they found this particular address earlier.

  • Goof: As Robin falls off the roof of the castle, the criminal she had been fighting changes from a white man in a dark green suit to a black man in a white suit.

  • Goof: Jeff and the girls decide that with the kidnapper's van unattended, they can hide in it and be taken straight to the monastery. One problem; they had just seen the driver of the van knock himself out trying to climb a drain pipe while chasing Spike. They could have been in for a long wait.

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