Hey TV.com, Should I Watch ABC's Mixology?

By Kaitlin Thomas

Feb 26, 2014

The Olympics are over, people, which means it's time to put away the curling manuals and stop searching for the nearest place to take figure skating lessons, because it's time to pour the drink of your choice and simply relax in front of the television. The networks currently rolling out a bunch of new midseason shows, and ABC's bar-set Mixology is the next one on the list. Is it worth taking a chance on, or should you kindly ignore it until it goes away? Well, you're so lucky to have me as a friend, because like any good wingman, that's what I'm here to tell you!

Mixology, so this is a show about drinking?

Basically! Mixology is set in a bar, and the entire first season will takes place over the course of a single night in that bar. The premise is simple: Everyone in the place is looking for some form of love or lovin', and the show will spend each episode exploring the different burgeoning and permutating relationships between various folks at the bar, from a fling between a cocktail waitress and a bartender to an encounter between a man whose fiancee just left him and the cold-hearted b*tch he hits on.

Who stirred up the idea for Mixology, and who garnishes it?

The series was created by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, and while those names may not mean that much to you, they're the dudes behind The Hangover. The show has a relatively large and mostly unknown cast; Blake Lee (who you may remember as April's ex Derek on Parks and Recreation) stars as Tom, the aforementioned sad-sack whose fiancee left him after eight years, while Ginger Gonzaga (Legit's Peggy) plays Maya, the cold lawyer he attempts to pick up while he's on the rebound. Vanessa Lengies (Glee's Sugar Motta) stars as Kacey, a cocktail waitress who's sleeping with Adan Canto's (The Following's Paul) bartender character, who doesn't even remember her name. Adam Campbell (TouchHarper's Island) is Ron, a man who just lost his entire fortune, Alexis Carra (ummm, a 2012 episode of Grey's Anataomy) is Jessica, a single mother who'd like to meet a husband, and Craig Frank (lots of commercials) and Andrew Santino (ummm, a 2012 episode of The Office) play Tom's wingmen Cal and Bruce. Rounding out the cast are Frankie Shaw (Blue Mountain State) as Fabienne, and Kate Simses as the goody-goody who's engaged but unsure of her her relationship Liv.

When does Mixology premiere?

ABC will uncork Mixology on Wednesday, February 26 at 9:30pm on ABC. That puts it up against American Idol on Fox, Law & Order: SVU on NBC, Survivor on CBS, and The Tomorrow People on The CW.

Who might enjoy the strange cocktail that is Mixology?

Mixology's one-season-in-one-night format is definitely not for everyone, especially if you want your comedy with a twist of character development (or a conscience), but if you enjoy shows that like to experiment with storytelling structure, Mixology might suit your tastes. The easiest comparison to make is probably How I Met Your Mother's final season, which has unfolded over the the course of one weekend and also makes use of flashbacks the way Mixology does.

What blends well in Mixology?

The good news is that Mixology is so shallow that you're not likely to suffer a hangover after watching it. It's an easy leave-it-on-in-the-background watch as the show moves from character to character as the night progresses. It also appears to know exactly what it is and doesn't try too hard to come off as a deep character study, instead choosing to embrace the obvious bar scenarios and the characters found within them. 

What's watered-down/too sweet/skunky about Mixology?

Some people might assume that the format and the premise are the show's weakest links, but it's actually more likely that the characters themselves will be what sinks this ship. They're completely stereotypical renderings of people you might expect to meet in a bar, but at some point, shouldn't there be a few who surprise us? Tom's two buddies are portrayed as knowledgable ladies' men—I'd say they're less charming versions of New Girl's Schmidt simply for comparison's sake—but they feel more like they belong in a Judd Apatow movie starring Seth Rogen in the late '00s. Simply put, Mixology feels as if the creators are trying to capitalize on what made The Hangover work, but without the actual talent and comedy of The Hangover

So, should I watch it?

I feel confident in saying you can pass on one without feeling a hint of remorse in the morning. But if you do decide to give it a whirl, it won't make you puke... probably.

Okay, well can I see a trailer first?

Yep! Here ya go.


Mixology premieres Wednesday, February 26 at 9:30pm on ABC.

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  • JT_Kirk Feb 26, 2014

    Bye bye, show.

  • slipknot1485 Feb 26, 2014

    Seriously they get rid of Happy Endings for this crap?

  • KevinG87 Feb 26, 2014

    watched first two, it was alright and I might watch it but I don't see it lasting past maybe 4-6 episodes.

  • marcusj1973 Feb 26, 2014

    Having worked a lot of years in bars, when I saw the "breakup" from the promo I thought that this could be a lot of fun about the incestuous nature of the business...and then I saw the rest of it {sigh}

    I'll give this a shot IF it makes it out of it's rookie season. But, it's smelling like "6 and done" to me

  • Mate Feb 26, 2014

    Tried to watch the early episodes. I couldn't make it past the first segment. Shallow would be putting it kindly.

  • dude19 Feb 26, 2014

    If it was on a less-competitive night I'd probably give it a try because I think Vanessa Lengies is wonderful but I'll have to pass. There's just too much on.

  • Teletommy55 Feb 26, 2014

    You say it's "not for everyone" and it "might suit your tastes." Gosh how helpful can one get? THOSE THINGS ARE TRUE OF EVERY SHOW ON TELEVISION, EVERY SHOW THAT EVER APPEARED ON TELEVISION, AND EVERY SHOW THAT EVER WILL APPEAR ON TELEVISION. God what assholes........

  • JT_Kirk Feb 26, 2014

    Yeah, it's not like the rest of the article fleshes out those concepts to help those who might or might not fit into those categories figure it out or anything. Jerk.

  • DresserBoys Feb 26, 2014

    Any boobs?

  • aliceapple Feb 26, 2014


  • efonsecajr Staff Feb 26, 2014

    I hate the voiceover in the trailer.
    I very much disliked HIMYM last season. Mostly bc it takes place over a wedding weekend. So no, the premise sucks.

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