Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

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Quotes (306)

  • Duo: Even on Christmas someone gets stuck working. Heero: Relena's been kidnapped. Duo: Anything at all for the one you love.

  • Mariemaia: History is like an endless waltz. The three beats of war, peace, and revolution continue on forever.

  • Mariemaia: See for yourself how powerless you are.
    Heero: Roger that.

  • Duo: Let's only take the weapons and war itself along with us to Hell!

  • Heero: Tell me Wufei! How many times must i kill that little girl and her dog?

  • Heero: Wufei, I'll say it again, press the button.

  • Duo: If your joking that's cruel, but if your being sarcastic that's even worse.

  • Zechs: No! No machine gun for him!

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Notes (97)

  • Each of the Gundams are given a more spectacular re-design for this send-off for Gundam Wing by artist Katoki Hajime, and are treated as though they have always looked this way. Hajime would later go back and give the original Gundams redesigns as well, with the exception of Sandrock, which was identical in appearance to the Sandrock Kai and thus did not need a redesign.

  • The plan for the original 'Operation Meteor' is the same as 'Operation Stardust Memory' in the spinoff of Moblie Suit Gundam, Gundam 0083.

  • In addition to Episode Zero, there is a comic happening between the series and this OVA. It's called Blind Target, in which the Gundam pilots and Relena must stop a group who want to capture the gundams to use for their own agenda.

  • There is also a manga book on sale here in the US called Gundam Wing Episode Zero which explains more about the Gundam Pilots Past other than what of the Pilots past that is explained here

  • The DVD version not only has the 3 OVA episode version of this movie but also a movie version where there is additional footage, as well as a new ending (same ending as the OVA version just with new footage).

  • Original Japanese Airdate: 4/7/1995

  • The Gundams' suits were brought to earth as "Operation Meteor".

  • To the first note: Gundam Wing is indeed the first alternate universe series to have a sequel. Gundam Seed is the Second

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Trivia (19)

  • The Heavyarms in Trowa's flashback looks the same as the upgraded Heavyarms Kai. Kajime had redesigned Heavyarms for "Endless Waltz," but it not seen here.

  • Late in the movie when Heero shows up over Marimeia's fortress the damaged Wing Zero Custom has its immense twin buster rifle with it. How is this possible? When the Wing Zero Custom was fighting the Nataku Custom in space it never had its buster rifle anywhere. So how could it possibly have it now? It's safe to rule out the Transformers subspace theory. It's possible that Heero left the weapon on Earth, but the chances of it being anywhere near Marimeia's fortress are slim to impossible. So the goof still remains. How the heck did that happen?

  • The title of episode 1: “The Shooting Star She Saw” is alliteration. Alliteration is a literary device in which several words with the same sound or letter are used in this case it would be the letter 'S'.

  • On the English dub, when Relena is walking down the steps to her birthday party, you can hear the faint voice of lady saying "I bet Martha Stewart would be jealous of this."

  • At the end of the previous episode, Heero tells Relena: "I'll kill you." But in this episode's recap, he says: "I'll destroy you."

  • In episode 3, Duo is seen talking on a payphone outside the hospital where Heero is being held. Duo talks about two broke pull carts, meeting someone for lunch at the back of the wheat field and thrashing wheat later--obviously they are speaking in code. The two broke pull carts refer to the gundams and the "wheat field" being the meeting point.

  • After Heero sets his broken bone, he uses a wrench as a makeshift splint to stabilize the injury.

  • When Heero is injured, and lying on the table in the medical building his arm is bleeding. Toonami edited the blood out, but they seem to have forgotten to edit out the dripping noise from it dripping onto the floor.

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Allusions (5)

  • Source: Pilot of Zech’s Carrier - “The one headed for Eastern Eurasia.” In George Orwell’s apocalyptic novel 1984, Eurasia was the name given to several combined earth nations of the future. This in essence parallels the concept that the earth in an effort to unify will absorb many nations to ultimately become one peaceful state much like the Earth Alliance of Gundam Wing.

  • Lady: "I bet Martha Stewart would be jealous of this" Martha Stewart is an Television host and American Business Magnate. She built her empire through her living style and cooking business.

  • Source: Zech - “To return the favor, we’ll lend you our newest underwater mobile suits Pisces and Cancer.” In the 2nd episode, two new types of underwater mobile suits are deployed by Zech called the Cancer and the Pisces respectably. This draws reference to the twelve constellations of the Zodiac as well as to Astrological Signs. The constellation that represents the Cancer is visible to star watchers during the month of March and can be seen at latitudes +90° and −60°. The Cancer is also an astrological concept representing the months of June 21 to July 22. The symbolic animal of the Cancer is the crab and the mobile suit Cancer resembles a crab with a red outer body and claws/pincer like arms. The Cancer is viewed as a water element. Cancer is also Latin for Crab. The Pisces too is a constellation and can be seen from earth at latitudes +90° and −65° during November. Like the Cancer the Pisces is a water element and it is represented usually by two fish as Pisces in Latin means (Plural) fish. The Pisces Mobile suit is blue. As an astrological sign Pisces runs roughly during the months of February 19 to March 2. Both Mobile Suits the Cancer and the Pisces specialized in underwater operation.

  • Shenlong Gundam In Chinese and Japanese cultures, Shenlong is an spiritual dragon who controls the rain and thunder. This giant dragon flew the skies and due to his blue skin that changed constantly, it made it difficult to see him clearly.

  • Relena's queen dress resembles the dress actress Audrey Hepburn wears as Princess Ann in the 1953 movie Roman Holiday. It even has details such as the sash with the medallion bow, the pleats, and the tiara/necklace style.